Hudah's message to couples:“I don’t mind my man having a side chick"


“I don’t mind my man having a side chick. As long as he does it secretly! After 5 kids, i probably won’t be able to fuck him the same way!

[SIZE=7]Men need sex so they can cum to think properly[/SIZE]. Cheating is the least of my worries in a relationship! I will never leave a man for cheating.

“Him falling in love and spending our money on that bitch! That’s a problem. Like WTF!! Meanwhile, I don’t think i’d be attracted to my man for life!

“30 years, same dck? I can’t eat meat everyday! Sometimes i want the good old chicken! Another day veggies. Its Human nature! That’s why most married women are miserable looking!

“Your man is older than you but you look 60 years older because he enjoying life and you aint. Do shit secretly. Don’t fall in love.

“Appreciate and respect your husband… create a strong partnership!! Not a prison chamber.

The wise quotes of Huddah Nyambura

Vaa leso na kamisi…na upeleke ujinga ukoo

Yenyewe huddah huaga “premium” or so does she portray

Cc @junkie

Na aki elekea huko apewe tampons hapo reception.

Anything to be relevant

Seriously …
I would not waste 2 minutes of my time with this pile of Bones …
Jeff needs help if this is his idea of a good p*ussy …

Whatever Huddah Monroe says, captain obvious approves.

I can never look at her the same way, after the vid where she whistles hapo mwisho :smiley:

I loathe bones

Mwanamke amejianika kwa net kama huyo hana budi kusema kitu kama hicho. She is speaking the truth of coz. But any other normal woman out there would rather not say it.

Mliona hii?

She too can be my side chick

Huddah anajifanya accommodating,ndio fala imdunge ball na imuoe.Yeye na Vera wameanza kushikwa na baby rabies juu ya biological clock.Hizi ni Machiavellian tactics but every day fools are born,so this dream girlfriend/wife persona she’s trying to potray will rope in a sucker somewhere.If it’s working for Risper Faith,why not her?

:D:D…chick is crazy…yaani iyo ni as recent as jana…so sai mahali ako ako juu ya chuma ya doshi

Imagine hajadanganya

That nip slip was intentional otherwise hangePost.

I know… this is something @captain obvious should say.

Very intentional. She knew what she was doing. It’s called advertising yrself to sponyos.

Alafu skia vile ana tweng (fake tweng) those who knew Huddah dem days know she used to shrub…mbaya.

i can dick this one but hio shimo can be so wide as an ocean