I have owned both devices and I would love to say the Poco phone is miles ahead of that cheap build Huawei piece of shit. Pocophone outperforms Y9 by far, camera is average. Get yourself a Poco Phone na uchunge poko asiibe.

Promotion pereka kwa classifieds… Chieth!

It is a valid opinion about tech products.

Advising villagers on the better phone brand is not promotion. Chieth puthy wewe!

Pocophone Pocophone Pocophone Pocophone Pocophone Pocophone Pocophone Pocophone

Wangerelease premium version ya hii punda ikiwa na top notch technology build, perhaps ceramic or glass back.

Wacha za ovyo
Mate 20 pro inatisha hadi Trump

y series haiko segment moja na mate series

Y series, Huawei reply for infinix, tecno, doogee etc
Honor series, Huawei reply to akina Xiaomi, one plus, etc
Mate series, Huawei reply to akina iPhone, Samsung, and premium Xiaomi, premium one plus

I thought Y series competes na akina Redmi na Realme, pocophone iko hapo juu kiasi competing with mate 20 lite.

Wewe huelewi

Mans Y9 kitu ya 25k hauwezi compare na poko kitu ya 35k. Commons sense should be applied here

Boss huezi compare simu ya 25k na simu ya 40k…

There are premium Mi and Mimix versions of that

Kuna Kevlar version

Kindly wait for the pocophone F2 which will be released in February or March

Also Xiaomi is letting go the Redmi Business to a subsidiary so expect changes. There is a 48Mp, 8 Gb ram redmi that is coming through. The Mi A3 with a larger battery is also coming along.

Xiaomi has officially done away with rectangular notches and will provide water-drop notches moving forward

Huawei, Oppo, HTC and LG have changed tactics

Huawei don’t even allow you to change launchers. Kwani ni iPhone? Go for Pocophone