Huawei vs oppo

Which phone can best capture my school ‘escapades’ well at the same time help me in my
school work .
My dream is to score a second class lower and enjoy an album of 4k class clitorises and variety of shaven&unshaved goodies .
Am using a techno pop 2 mobile currently.

[ATTACH=full]486695[/ATTACH]Keti NV and get high on your own supply

Sitaki kiti iko na msumari nataka advice ya simu chief


Get yourself a Xiaomi Redmi note 11

@dinouser firwa

Wewe ni fukara iko shule, withdraw pesa ya CDF ama HELB na uchukue tu Naomi Note 10 Pro ama 11 Pro na usitusumbue sana…kaa ukijua revenge porn ama leaking someones privates is punishable by law, chunga usikuwe kitoweo cha Onyi pale kamete.

Xiaomi 10 pro was the best
I don’t know if they discontinued it’s manufacturing au it’s only in Kenya where it isn’t sold

It was the best indeed but note 11 is better

11 is better with mediatek processor?

Mediatek has come a long way especially the dimensity series but hey the Redmi 11 I would recommend is the SD series but even the note 11s is giving is serious run for it’s money with G96…not bad for an average user

With Huawei you will be trying to split hairs to install Google apps, WhatsApp and other apps from Bidenstan courtesy of embargoes.
Chukua Naomi Redmi Note 11 kuenda juu and uninstall a few bloatware.

Nunua Redmi

Chukua Samsung

Why is your dream a Second Class (Lower Division)?

Chukua Thamthung A23

Mediatek hoiyeee