Huawei Phone

I have used Huawei phone for sometime and i must say its is the best phone brand i have ever used. Previously i have used Samsung, Nokia and Oppo. I really like Huawei phone for one reason, its fast and its does not hang/freeze at all. I suffered na shida ya kufreeze while using the Samsung model and i was forced to ditch it. Besides that it has good camera, screen display, battery life and network/internet access. Despite the Google ban, if Huawei manages to develop its own ecosystem like Apple I will be its loyal customer. I think they have started doing so because sahihi they have Huawei App gallery and they have started populating it with their own apps. right now they have a very good and efficient browser like Chrome. Huawei has proven itself as the best phone for me and i am not about to ditch it anytime soon


I’m soon getting the Google free p40… Will share my experience here

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Had the 2019 prime and the net isn’t as strong as I’d like, probably because I disabled Google play stores access to some features

I still use my P8 as my main phone 5 good years. But naona nikihama nichukue Google pixel

Please do. Very interested in the real life review

Huawei iko sawa no wonder kina trump always go green with envy. Plus its affordable coz siwes nunua kitu naeza poteza kwa bar anytime 100k

Only issue will be where will they get first class microchips in the future as i understand wako na stock ya kama 5yrs hivi

But nobody can tell what 5yrs will be like. Huawei hardware is exceptional.

Yeah maybe they would have hacked it by then or trump might even pass on. You never know what the future holds

They are fast catching up as they are only a generation behind with 14nm. They recently came up with their own photolithography and once they master the EUV process which I expect by 2025, it’s game over for the US.

I think it is doable do have a Google free phone especially if you don’t use services that require Google mobile service e.g maps.
For example akina Uber won’t work without Google maps.
But I was wondering whether you can use other maps Kama Waze ama Here Maps in such a phone

Can africa attain that kind of sophistication hii century …


:smiley: ukiskia talker hapa akiongea mambo ya 14nm na photolithography saa hizo tuko breadboard tunacheza na logic gates za 4 AND gates kubwa kama pencil sharpener :smiley: lawd have merceh on the bonobo! :smiley:

The mate 20 pro is the best phone I’ve used and will keep using… From Huawei. From stints with Apple, Blackberry, Huawei P9… Huawei is a marvel. Their P and mate series are a find.