Huawei monitors

MateView and MateView GT

He was biased towards the black curved one.

Mtu yeyote huchukua reviews za Lew Unbox Therapy seriously is a joke, he’s well known to be biased with very shallow reviews and very click baity behaviour. You might as well watch iJustine reviews while at it, for anything PC hardware angalia Linus Tech tips and the likes.

Ongeza MKBHD kwa hio list pia

I posted this one because I didn’t know Huawei built monitors and I found them interesting. When it comes to displays I would not even rank linustech since they are not pros like HDTVtest channel host who uses pro equipments kupima tvs.
Unbox therapy is a channel I watch to see him unbox cool gadgets and not for reviews.

Yeye na unbox therapy ni wa unboxing pekee not reviews.

MKBHD fell off though I commend his effort on the quality videos he puts up to get to where he is, ikija kwa reviews there are better guys just not popular enough someone like Michael Fisher.