Huawei Mate 10 Lite

Aka Huawei Maimang 6 …

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Another perfect device to look out for![ATTACH=full]158336[/ATTACH]

Google search for it’s availability in Kenya shows that it is available and the price to be ksh30300.

Pales in comparison to hTc desire 10 pro for the same price tag

HTC 10 pro has band 28(700mhz)?
The theme is to suggest any cool device that supports all the networks available in Kenya.

Yes. It supports band 28. I guess the difference in the prices is because the Htc10 pro is a bit older, 2016, and the Huawei has just been released.

I don’t know about bands :smiley: but what the mate 10 lite wins is the screen ratio. Very nice looking

HTC Desire 10 Pro - Full phone specifications

And the battery also.

Huawei phones only look good on paper. Once you start using them they are disappointingly meh.

The other thing is they drain batts way too fast when using Wi-Fi. Or get too hot when using WiFi hotspot… Hotspot… there is a joke in there somewhere.

Band 20 sioni hapo meaning ukiwa nje ya tao utakuwa unatumia 3G. MEFFI DEVICE!

Unaangalia wapi wewe?

angalia 4G bands hakuna band 20


Thanks for the review. I used the Ascend G730 long time ago. It used to be good except for the battery issue.

model yenye iko na band 20 will not have band 28

I agree. But, honestly, there’s little difference between 4g and 3g, don’t you agree? Infact, there’s a report by a certain watchdog to the effect that world telcos lie blatantly about their 4g speeds! Almost every company in the world lies about it. What they advertise is not what their customers get!

hata mimi sinanga haraka na hiyo 4g, 3G iko tu sawa unless i am downloading some big files which i rearly do with bundles


Sandy sana for this!