Huawei LTE slower than others.

Received a complaint from someone that LTE on their Y9 2019 was slower than on his wife’s Nokia 6. Even with the same sim card.
I decided to speed test a Huawei Y6II against a Galaxy J2 Pro and the 5Mbps difference makes me curious.
Is it frequency bands? Do cell towers prioritize device models? Chip model maybe?

simu ilinunuliwa wapi? what are the LTE bands za hiyo simu and what network do you use?

Simu ni za soko zote. Nilitest na Airtel. Bands kulingana na GSM Arena Samsung iko na kadhaa extra Huawei haina.

Shida ni gani??

Huawei LTE being slower or his wife’s LTE being faster??

Does speed have to be the same??

I thought it was a common knowledge that different processors have different modems and therefore the speed varies

Huyu jamaa haikosi ni ule wa kuuliza mbona benz ikona better performance kuliko premio…na zote zinatumia engine different

:D:D:D:D wacha hizo msee . wacha kijana atafute jibu in peace

Simu yako inasupport Lte upto Cat gani? Na ina Lte bands zipi?