Does anyone use this router where you put a SIM card?

Does the connection remain constant where you are?
What network are you using?

Huawei B612s-xx has better reception. Experience on Safaricom.

I have used both B593 and B315. They are both outperformed in terms of speed and reception by the one I mentioned above.

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I think someone brought these routers in bulk na zinalemewa na kazi we will need to upgrade

unatumia gani?

Have you used other providers Airtel and Telkom.

Network ya Safaricon ikujuu.

I’ve used Airtel and Telkom and the result is the same. Better reception on B612. The difference is even more pronounced on Airtel. B593 struggled to get three bars on Airtel 4G while B612 pick it up no problem.

I use the Huawei B593 and from my experience, it’s the network that matters, not necessarily the router model. I’ve tested Safaricom, Telkom, and Faiba. If the network you’re using is shit, the router will also struggle to pick it. Telkom is slow during the day, but speed picks up at night (I guess because most people using the network are asleep, so less congestion).

Safaricom is dependable as always. The best one so far is Faiba, which consistently hits speeds of 10 to 25 Mbps no matter the time. With Safaricom and Faiba, the speed is awesome even with two bars. I assume the B315 is slightly better, but ultimately your experience will depend on network coverage.

Nimeona CVE nikakimbia ndani

Ninatumia b593 na Kuna vile zinani aibisha

I use Huawei B310s-518 and I used to get 4g signal but lately iko locked on 3g network, sijui kama ni mimi pekee naexperience hii ama Kuna watu wengine

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Who has tried Netgear ?

Wadau if you can get your hand on a TP-Link TL-MR6400 then I guarantee you a better 4G performance than the Huawei or better yet get a mikrotik SXT LTE Kit go enterprise grade bwana.

Does it support faiba bands and which specific model are you vouching for ?

I am not sure about band 28 but I saw that faiba are moving to the other bands (atleast in Nairobi with a national rollout in plan) but the TP-Link is one of the best for home and the mikrotik SXT is enterprise grade gear

Pale exploit.db kuna CVE.

Which among the 4G CPE routers has support for external mobile signal antennae?

Thanks for the insights, Are there any official vendors for for TP-Link routers that you know and can recommend hapa kanairo ?For Mikrotik I think one will have to import yourself ,don’t think they are available locally .