Huawei Has Finally Achieved & Surpassed Apple Quality While Keeping Prices Low

Apple’s iPhone for iFools has met their match. Huawei’s high end P-Series phones have better camera, Better Battery life than apple and don’t cost you an arm like their Overrated American devices. Apple is only good now in Laptops and Mac Desktop lakini kwa Simu Huawei is only number two after Samsung.


Nothing soo special about iphones… Especially the latest one has barely anything extra compared to previous models. Na venye wasee wa iphone hukuanga watiaji…

And most of their iPhones ni refurbished, they think having an iPhone makes them rich or special. Funny thing is, hawajui we can afford a new one but we’ve other priorities

Iphone ni status symbol. The marketing guys at Apple have done a brilliant job. Apple products are basically seen as “cool”.

It doesnt matter whether Huawai has fons that can match apple, what matters is the public perception of apple phones, laptops etc.

True they have managed to sell snow to eskimos… Nothing wrong with that

Better and faster and cheaper. But I will still take an iPhone. They are addictive.

Hehehe, yaani battery ya iPhone XS ni 2658 mAh pekee? So even this Huawei Y5 that cost me a month’s salo (9k) has a longer lasting batt?

Apple sell the ecosystem. Ukiingia apple ni hard kutoka.

Yep na ni simu tu ama wanapigianga mungu simu…na mostly wameletewa


From all the Haterade from peasant battalion, We can clearly see who cant afford apple products and who can.

hiyo ni kama kucompare tesla cybertruck na Jaguar F-TYPE. They are both great but they compete in different lanes.

Lakini muache hio umbleyna… Kwani unaezatuma hio iphone yako supa ikufanyie shopping?

Me thinks android have the better ecosystem but apple is more of enslavement. Where they create a forced ecosystem like issue of airpods

Apple users are brainless slaves, pure and simple. They make it hard to do even simple things like transferring files, but iZombies still praise it as a forward-thinking company. This guy is probably the best Apple fundi in the world, but he doesn’t use their products.

Neither Samsung nor the fruit beats p series huawei. They cant. Huawei beat them long ago. Only that people are discovering now. The only problem with huawei is losing the operating system.

Hacking them is next to impossible

Hizo products za apple sijawai tamani…kila kitu iko opposite to everyday life…ni kama kuendesha gari ya left hand side drive in kenya…