HP Releases 3 IN 1 Foldable Desktop - Laptop - Tablet Device

While foldable phones or two-in-one devices that serve as a smartphone and a tablet, are all the rage these days, HP is looking to up the ante with the release of a new three-in-one foldable device that’s a laptop, tablet, and desktop.

The press release calls this device “game-changing” and while that’s a term that’s applied to nearly every new tech product that comes along, it’s probably fair to say there’s never been a product quite like this one. Changing the game will cost you, though. A lot.

HP’s Spectre Fold is a new device that’s roughly the size of a small 12" laptop. Open it up, and it looks fairly normal with a screen at the top and a keyboard on the bottom. But the keyboard can actually slide down about halfway to reveal another smaller screen underneath, which can be used as an additional monitor of sorts. What’s really impressive though is that the one-and-a-half screen laptop is just the first of its functions.

And technically, it’s a pretty solid device, too. It has a 5 MP camera for your video needs and Intel Unison to connect your mobile device. It carries a 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, Intel Iris X Graphics, 16 GB memory and 1 TB SSD storage.

Last time I saw someone with a lenovo it just crashed and went off without any reason. I fear the brand

But this is HP, where is Lenovo coming from?

Hapo wamecopy Asus Zenbook 17

Not new tech. Hii ilikuwa tangu last year

Asus started it in 2020 but with Dual Screen laptop.

HP have combined 3 devices into 1. Asus’s was just a laptop