HP Probook 2000 giving me issues

Hi, kindly advise, from today morning my comp has been having issues on booting, it boots then reaches a point where it shows preparing to repair windows or it just goes off once it starts, i have managed to boot it after several trials, what could be the issue
Ni haya tu, weekendi poa

Restart it on safe mode… and do sys restore.

Replace hdd with ssd

It does not reach that point of start normally or safe mode, what command can I use

Do you mean I replace the hardrive, please fafanua

Just boot off the dvd or usb and try one of the available recovery options presented to you.

apo lazima u install the OS upya,na usiweke plaster just format everything.

Inaweza kuwa ni RAM inakufa. Have you tried testing your RAM on another system?

I’m sorry I came in late but I’ve experienced the same issue.The issue could be overheating. Just disassemble the laptop and check whether the fan’s duct is clogged. Once you clean it,it might work.The computer is built to shut down in cases of overheating. Those talking about RAM it’s out of question. It can’t load windows if the RAM is dead.It could be giving an error code before booting.

There are times when RAM dies you do not see an error message. I have experienced this several times, the pc would boot and before reaching the windows logo it would suddenly shutdown.

Okay, but why would it be ‘preparing to repair Windows…’ if its a simple overheating issue. That normally doesn’t happen…unless the abrupt shutdowns have also corrupted boot files.

I have just remembered when a fan dies on hp laptops it usually presents error code 90b when you boot up.

corrupt windows, faulty memory or hard drive

When the laptop fails to boot due to emergency shutdown, it will try to repair windows even when windows is not the problem.

Hio sijawai sikia. But be that as it may, he’s talking about a computer that he ‘just booted’, which automatically rules out overheating.

Thanks all, the machine is quite stable now, i tried some system restores but most of them never completed, i went and switched the timings for the machine to sleep and put a very long period before the machine goes to sleep, then i shut it down properly and put it on, it boot on well and become steady, the update that also did not close well managed to somehow, sijui but the machine is able to update again, so i still dont know weather the issue was error on the update ama nini