How ??

Do people feel themselves growing oversized?
Case study cush manono[ATTACH=full]398404[/ATTACH]

I once was a pudgy boy in my teens. You don’t feel fat when you’re fat. You just feel lighter when you lean out but when you’re fat, you can’t tell you’re a fatty

Hakuna vile hiyo jamaa anadinya huyo dem. Too fat and unhealthy. At that weight anaweza jikata any time.

So true, was once approaching 90kg at 5’8, almost obese, and didn’t feel fat. Noe back at a comfortable 70kg

You can’t until you step on that weighing scale or a courageous person tells you.

There was a time i clocked 118kgs without noticing. I was still flexible and would do any activity without straining.

Am fat and I don’t feel fat lakini am trying reduce.

Sasa kanono, utapanda aje truck pale Canada banae?

We will keep this for future reference kijana birrionare:D:D:D nyinyi shiny eyes mnapenda ugali ya 20 shs choma 150shs na cheap liquor

:D:D:D:D am not that fat. Nitawezana.

Hapo kwa choma ni ukweli lakini mimi sijawai kunywa fobe

Sawa kanono.

Hiyo ni shida anakula. Problem eating. Mimi nikiingia gym nilijaribu kubulk and passing 90kg was a problem. Mtu akipita hapo na ni unono jua hiyo hiyo ni depression

You dont usually feel it but there are a few indications you are fat like your clothes not fitting anymore…

Huyo jamaa lazima akuwe na genes za whale.

Defund fat people… tax them heavily for destroying our roads with their weight…

Huyo ni @Motokubwa

:D:D:D:D kijana fupi round…tunakucheki!! Sides za utawala hamna Gym?


Sounds like a combination of good food, without the liquor lakini

I thought depression Ina kondesha msee