How Zimbabwe deals with churches that fails to close ove Corona.

Hawa ndo wale waliambiwa waokoke wakasahau, now the church is gone ndo wanataka kuomba. They will know that the world is under cult

I understand it’s because of the disease, but the devil must be so happy to see churches being closed.

This thing better pass quickly, or is this it? No more church in the name of safety and those who violate the law are beaten? Scary

This is the time for the pastors who allege they heal to stand up. Waombee watu wako na corona wapone.

They say anyone can vow to die for you when there is no threat, but ukweli utajua kukiwaka moto.

The healer preachers who always claim mass healings waombee documented cases, then we will attend their churches even in disaster. Hapo ukienda ni Mungu ameamua.

Tutaona hii kitu mara ngapi kwa siku @Kenny Matt kuja hapa na hio findio umerge na hii

This is an old video elder…delete hii upuzi…shenji.