How women's lives were messed up bcz of toxic plantation

I’m realizing that most women in Gulf are single mothers and even sex workers. Majority had kids inside the plantation but marriage became too toxic, chimpanzees were too abusive so they left. Only for them to go from frying pan to the fire. As I see it, most marriages are rife with the men abusing the woman bcz once she gets kids she’s got no other options but to stay in the plantation no matter how dire the situation may be. Ladies be careful with the plantation. Don’t have more kids than what you are able to care for if you are forced to leave your marriage. The more the kids the more vulnerable you will be as a single mother and also as a married woman coz definitely your chimpanzee knows that you can not survive alone and therefore you will go nowhere no matter how badly he mistreat you. Most importantly uombe sana before you agree to marry anyone, they might be sent by Satan to destroy your life.