"HOW WOMEN LURE MEN INTO MARRYING THEM". Kibe is many things but he hit the bull's eye on this .

For the first time I agree with you. Sex can be outsourced from mipangos. You can’t outsource personality, tidiness and a whole bunch of value a good (not perfect) wife brings apart from sex.

A smart man will be willing to drop a notch or two in sexual appeal of a partner if she is a real homemaker.

That being said, there is a lot of truth in what Kibe has said in that clip.

Spot on! Any hater to this information is / was baited.

Kibe ako ngangari. And alot of women love his show.

He’s on point. Talking from experience

Tuliza mkundu totoo and understand some truth. Don’t get too worked up na vitu huelewi. Enda FB or tiktok and calm your tits …then come back when you’ve manned up

Lots of truths there but could also pick that:

  1. he is a VE here for sure
  2. Min 13 hapo its clear alikuliwa khupipi na hata akalea another man’s seed

How do you know this?

:D:D:D I remember that story

Niga I like your narratives and folkores lakini ume anza uuma nje

Ukiwatch huyu jamaa closely you’ll notice that Kibe’s rants are usually him advising himself. Huyu jamaa has had a very messed up life and these live sessions are self therapy

Ati “enda FB or tiktok”. Very faggy attempt at insults. Sounds exactly like the type of bum paying for life lectures from internet “”“menists”“”.

if Kenya had proper stand up comedy, this guy would be winning

Was waiting for this chorus…