"HOW WOMEN LURE MEN INTO MARRYING THEM". Kibe is many things but he hit the bull's eye on this .


:D:D:D funny shit

Kibe amewekwa na mwanamke wa 57years pale Merka. He has no moral authority to lecture men about women. In the heirachy of bottom of the barrel takataka he is slightly above you bottom fag.

Watu wanachukia hawa meninists ju time zake wanaongea ukweli mtupu na inawakera. Truth burns



Haha… Kwani undhani Kibe ni kijana… Kibe ako ka chwani

:D:D:D:D:D:D one of the funniest rants I’ve seen in a while.

Wtf is a “meninist”? That’s what these internet “gurus” who teach fatherless niggas how to live life and how to cope with not getting pussy call themselves?

Hapo ni ukweli 100 percent

Best thread of the week

Sieet, most times I don’t click on these vidas but leo nikama divine intervention, Kibe hapa amesema ukweli through and through hadi mwisho, iiih!

Funny sh!t :D:D:D this is how @poyoloko was trapped

This man is hilarious :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Where is the lie?
Too much bitter truth for a Beta male to handle
It makes sense why some men are angry with Kibe.

Only a stupid man gets married for sex. Dinya madame huku nje alafu uoe ukitaka kuanza familia. Marriage is for raising families

Kibe has said the truth, i was married and I had a terrible sex life. That’s how I contracted STI from a fellow teacher

Point is that amewekwa

ati unaogopa kutomba bibi yako nono kama Roto tank. ati aitoka job ananunua paikiti mzima ya cookies. haha #BibiNonoYaPoyoloko

Kibe earns more money streaming from US than in Kenya. Whether amewekwa or not doesn’t matter. Hustle is hustle. How do you know sio sister yake?