How woke Hollywood is now being used to smear Republican candidates.

Democrats have become so desperate that they are now using their hollywood to smear opposition candidates with fake accusations.

This is a new realm in politics. Can you imagine making a whole TV series just to smear Kenyan political candidates you don’t like with complete lies just before an election? Everyone has said that Desantis should sue and yes he will win in court. Of course if the Judge is not a liberal.

U.S “Democracy” has sunk this low. And some of these actors are actually renowned actors who should know better than this. This is the world Obama created with his wokeness and race based politics.


Yani Hollywood far-left cultist wanatuambia those men wished they had aborted their kids.

Nimesoma replies makasiriko ikaisha. Ubaya ya MAGA ni kuchekesha mtu on serious matters.



kama Desantis ni homosexual akae mbali na uncle Trump umbwa yeye

I stopped watching New Amsterdam at season 3, not as much to learn from as Chicago Med first two seasons.