How will religion react to AI-driven beings?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us. However, it is still at the infancy but I believe it will be optimised in due course. Even though AI has quantifiable benefits to society, it will equally expose humans to a number of challenges. Elon Musk and his peers at OpenAI were able to train an AI tool with just 40 GB of data. The tool could make write-ups based on certain phrases with minimal human intervention. This example only serves to show that AI might evolve beyond the control of humans. In future, we might have fully AI beings (robots you may say). How will religion react to them? The bible only has a code of conduct to humans. What will happen if they become a reality?

the bots will be controlled by humans, just like we control cars. I think the dream of AI bots that can think for themselves is a pipe dream, but would be happy to be proven wrong…

AI is just a computer program that was programmed using data rather than having instructions added manually by a programmer, and training using data means we can build much more sophisticated programs that can learn almost anything from data… but beyond data, they can’t think… as far as i understand

so hakuna mahali religion itaingililia

Iyo ni programming tu

Kuna kitu inaitwa agi (artificial general intelligence) na asi (artificial super intelligence), if those ever become a reality, you might as well conclude that humans managed to create gods

mzinga (corpus) ya 40gb ya text data hapana machezo brathe

That must be millions, if not billions of pages. Some serious data inatumika apo.

I understand. I should have said the guys have access to massive datasets. Imagine if they used trillions of datasets?

As I said AI is still at the infancy. There is a possibility, may be hundreds of years, that people may lose control of AI. It might be gradual though

Nothing is impossible sir. Again we might have unethical characters or developers who might attempt to create uncontrollable beings

Several of prophecies made by sci-fi movies eons ago are slowly unfolding before our eyes. Just a matter of time before Terminator happens.

Agreed. It might happen during my life but it will in the fullness of time.

Checkout this AI that can shoot flying targets, in less than 10 years it will be possible to buy stuff like that at the hardware, computerised bows, computerised wheelbarrows, computerised spades





for everybody’s sake, let’s assume we still don’t have the technology

Kitu nachojua ni kuwa religiots always change the goal posts, are always good at adapting, always good at imposition and stealing and running away with the agenda. And yoooote yakiwa, if they don’t conform, demonize and dismiss everything or just let it pass as “mambo ya mungu”. After all, they are the rulers, have immense wherewithal, and they have been around for a while, remember? They know how to play!

Surely, the possibilities of AI are endless, but I can hardly imagine a nural network which believes in God.
Undoubtedly, religion can somehow affect the performance of artificial intelligence, but it will be some shallow aspects which will be designed in order not to hurt anybody’s religious feelings. The example of it may look like this: AI will not recommend the dishes which contain pork in muslim countries. Sounds logical, because the AI will be trained to do so. However, it is disputable, whether it has something related to religion directly, The recommendations will simply be wrong and that is it. However, those recommendations will be wrong because of the religious aspect.
So, I believe that religion will have some influence on AI performance in order to make it interact with people, but deeper religious aspect will hardly intervene in decision making process of it.