How will earth end.

Will Enki unleash floods again.

Chief shughulika na yako. Wacha kuleta presha ndogo ndogo. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Asteroid tu, hakuna kitu ingine

Marduk the son of Enki was given dominance over earth. Allah was a son of Enlil. as of the floods, the gods had nothing to do with it, but they new in advance it was coming, as planet nibiru was approaching. The gods gathered, and Enlil gave strict orders for humanity to be kept in the dark, but, Enki had other thoughts.
he instructed a man by the name of Atrahasis to build an Ark to save mankind.

When Jah will come riding down from the clouds pon a white horse.

The Earth has been in existence for billions of years alafu human species who just landed here few thousands years ago think the earth revolves around them.

Humans will self-exterminate themselves probably within the next 100,000 years or evolve into a totally new species but the Earth will still be here in a billion years to come.

The human species and most of the current animal and plant species will end in an apocalypse in the next few centuries. However, the planet will continue existing for another four billion years when it will be swallowed by the exploding sun as it becomes a red star.

wewe ndiye utakufa, earth imekuwa na itakuwa

Watu ndio wanaisha, mali inabaki.

Exactly, Everyday millions meet their end. Thats their end of the world. That is the only end you get.

If homohabilis had a doctrine , they would also have predicted the end of their world. The earth will remain forever but we must die .valar morghulis

When the son of man makes his second coming.