How white settlers viewed African men - very interesting observation

I came across this in a book ( White settlers in Kenya) that I am reading:


It was difficult for settlers to describe African society without condemning
African men for virtually enslaving their womenfolk. The
image settlers drew was of African men daily drinking themselves
into a stupor while their wives prepared their food, collected their
water, retrieved their firewood, then toiled in the fields for hours in
blistering sun. African men protected their cattle from exhaustion, but
treated their wives as beasts of burden. One could easily find a ‘strapping
young man swinging a cane leading his women to market, bent
and deformed beneath 80 lbs. loads of firewood and produce’.
The African woman in Kenya was a slave sold
off as a girl to some toothless old man, the rest of her life a monotony
of childrearing and field work.
Olive Grey awaited the day when ‘chivalry and the tenderness begotten of
Christian training’ would reform African men.

My grandpa died in 1990 but his father died 14 years later I was born there in between those years…my great grandpa had 3 wives and from what he used say(from what I can loosely remember) is that kitambo men acted as the managers ukioa bibi ulikuwa unamkatia her own piece of land,unamgawia her own cattle and poultry akuwe analima na kufuga akiwa na her offsprings so that she can provide for her own kids

As if women in Victorian England had any rights. Even the upper class ones were still bound by rigid gender roles.

thats how it should be

Nomadic tribes bado kuko hivyo

… men were busy playing ajua and coming up with Mila na desturi. Zimetufunga Hadi waleo

which culture?

The day Olive Grey has been waiting for imefika? Or is she still waiting? :smiley:

Luckily we have reduced it to cooking, household choirs and washing our clothes.

these idiots mis-inteprated africa coz of their savagery and greed , they thought africans being naked was connected to sexual perversion …


For the maasai, the women must also build the house as the men drink busaa the whole day.

how? modern men have reduced it to accessing the genitals only. Thats what they value most.

Kunguru hafugiki