How We WanaHandas Get Sick with Typhoid

I wasnt feeling well today… weak joints, teary eyes, sweaty with a nasty headache

Self management has taught me not to go to the hospital until i have an idea of what is ailing me…

So i didnt immediately go.

I revisited which mihadarati i have partaken for about a week …what i ate …you know, everything applicable.

It quickly dawned on me that i am down with typhoid.

How? You may ask…

There are two ways:
[li]You have probably known this since @Mathaais lost his mcoocoo virginity to a chokosh. Miraa is harvested unhygienically and ties into bundles with toes as the stacker… jiggers infested feet that walked to the pit latrine barefoot.[/li][li]Whenever you chew and drink less than optimum quantities of water, you constipate. Sometimes you give up shitting, pulling your pants up for close to two days. When you finally take a dump… the hard poop leaves a wound on your ass hole. Continous exposure of the wound to poop bacteria infects your blood ending with typhoid.[/li][/ul]

:D…masaibu ya mcooshite
And inspite of the dangers bado huwa unatafuna Kwa bidii…huwachi na huwachi…

si niliona hizo handas huwa unazishunda kwa mkundu ukichana?walahi huwezi epukana hata na kipindupindu

Why any grown man

How to die of diseases that are easily cured 101

@Jimit hakufanya poa kuita huyu mang’aa mcooshite :smiley:

Mcooshite aache kusumbua, kwanza iyo jina tutaweka lexicon

Vile kwao hata hakuna Maji ya kunywa watatoapi maji ya kupanguza mokundo nayo? Kipindupindu huanzia hapo.

engui ile Gaylord mulijuania wapi ? that case is not over

Wacha ujinga Gaylord hukua na handle fifty hapa ndani

A- '94 meffi IQ thinks typhoid pathogen can travel all the way through the digestive track and get in through the ass. Very gay thought process or autism.

Its a flu not typhoid.making google your fred makes you look like a gay

Noogle ni mgonjwa lakini badala ya kujihurumia lazima initusi like I contributed to his tribulations.
Pole mcooshite,uguza your split mcoosh pole pole.

Labda you were responsible for the loss of his mcoosh virginity

Next time you constipate chukua kipande cha panga soap, wet it, uingize ndani ya mcoondo ungojee matokeo

kubali gaylord alikutomba rasa

kubali gaylord alikutomba rasa

Wow, this post degraded to a shitfest real quick!