How We Plan To Stop Deep State From Rigging: A Thread

John Allan Namu has proposed an effective way that will prevent the so-called system from rigging the upcoming election. Check the thread below.


IEBC has a right to remove anyone they haven’t employed, would never work as long as police are used. Si kuna law inasema there shouldn’t be any public gathering during vote counting to prevent violence.

August itakuwa movie, na vile JSKS hapendi kushindwa?

Kura itaibiwa na hakuna kitu mtafanya. Ruto will negotiate some kind of power sharing deal with Raila and life will go on.

Add to that anyone who wants to participate in the elections as an observer has a timeline to register before the elections begin, I think it is based on accreditation too from a recognised body.

What Allan is proposing is a recipe for chaos and disorderly conduct. Who will be in charge of vetting those 60k wananchi, and which law supports such an action?

All UDA agents who participated in the UDA primaries are ready. Those were 20,000 of them. Now our Tallying centre picked another 32,000 from the candidates list of agents who took part in the primaries. They were trained sufficiently before the primaries, the practicals was the primaries itself and now the general elections is the exam. Another 8000 are on standby just incase needed. Kenya Kwanza parties too got their agents incorporated. We have built that network and ready. Back up plans and systems ready. Every returning form will be captured and sent. All activities will be monitored.

Don’t jump before the drum. Allan is proposing the presence of individuals who will get the photo of the form once tallying has been done in every polling station. Remember these forms will be displayed to the public at the door.

Now making plans public will force deepstate to intimidate those agents, 9th August watakua chini ya kitanda. Remember msando shit? Both camps Assmio and kenya kwisha will not accept defeat kalenjins and Luos watalimana serikali iwe ya mkate nusu

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Arror atachukua 6:01 we don’t need agents …Bora ifike 50+1

This is a general elections, 50,000 polling stations. That vast number alone makes it impossible to rig. Look at Kiambaa, the best NPS and kibichoo crew couldn’t rig in 50 polling station. Now imagine X 1000 more. Also in the larger force slot ofthem fully support Hustler Nation. There are just slot of layers of vigilance and overlapping supervision to rig. Tuko tayari. They know this and we know them.

UDAKU ni mnyambo tu. Hakuna kitu.

The only concern party about rigging is UDAku. This shows they are about to rig election