How Was Pakistan Allowed To Have Nuclear Weapons By The US & Their Allies

Why do they deny Iran the same privilege yet Pakistanis are Muslims and Muslims have short fuses?

Kenya should have some too.

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We don’t have the discipline to manage Panadol and bandages at KEMSA ni Uranium tutaweza?


Hapa Chief Bonobo Ndindu si allow, it’s not a permission thing.
It’s about having the scientific minds, having a mortal enemy(India in their case) and the willingness to bear the financial costs of such. I’m sure Pakistanis would be less poor had the generals and the clerics spent the money on other programs. But security comes first.

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Walipewa technical assistance na China and Russia

Inakuanga useless assistance. Kama Kenyans giving each other leads on online jobs. The hard labor and the expenses are shouldered by the home countries. More complications is that the senior partner never wants their allies to have them so that they are easily controlled.

China and the British had to develop their bombs under the noses of their overloads


Pakistan and India don’t see eye to eye, its just like North and South Korea.

The scales had to be evened out.

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Iko stuff I was to import from Pakistani to Kenya. I tried to talk to huyo Pakistani atume India to Kenya. Alisema haiwezekani labda watume Dubai ndio ikuje Kenya.

Pakistan was on the ‘right’ side during the cold war

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Kwa nini hiyo kitu looks like chupa ya beverage?