How Wakanyama tries to enter KT under disguise but gets caught every time!!

He has tried all tricks in the book but this one was the best trial.

Huyo ni Wakanyama pretending to be str8 outta America …ngoja uskie ile interrogation anapatiwa pale kwa gate ya KTalk head office by Security Chief @electronic4u
Ndo ako wakanigga
Elec4: can u identify yourself please

Wakanigga: it is what it is my nigga. Am wakanigga yo…

E4: Wakanigga where u from

W: Am from the Bronx manigga str8 ourra Newyork baby

E4: So what brings u here?

W: I jus wanna take a look at KTALK premises…u know!! Feel me

E4: Eeeeh do u have any identifications with u

W: hol up hold up . u wanna ask a nigga str8 outta united States an ID my nigga

E4: yes it’s the procedure. And why do u have goats with u

W: nigga those ain’t goats mayne …those be my pitbull dogs men. The one on the right is called Lich and on the left is called Oti.

E4: I don’t believe u…anyway produce yr ID

W: wtf my nigga removes sunglasses karii kii …Nikii Mani

*immediately E4 hears the kisapere and sees shiny eyes after sun glasses were removed he summons security through his FBI like ear piece

E4: security man ghetto please come over please I think we have a problem here …the idiot has come again(he was whispering so wakanyama didn’t hear)

W: who u talking to mayne??

E4: Aaaah I was arranging a VIP escort for u eeeeeh they are coming to welcome u in

W: that is wht am talking about my nigga…am the real OG. They also call me TB back in the hood

E4: what’s that? TB?

W: TB means true blood men!! Why is yr VIP Pple taking long?

E4: be patient sir

seconds later Ghetto the security arrives…mtu weider hivi

W: Woi mangai ghetto am sorry for calling u a midget… I did nt know yr so huge…

RKO on the spot akaanguka na uko…picked up and given a suplex

Later on




Ha ha wa humps

Cheza chini kakabrassa.

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Hehe ile weed wewe husmoke si ya kawaida:D:D:D:D

The conversations that take place inside your brain are insane. :smiley:


You crazy

alikuja na handle ya Dagoretti Waithaka akajitosa side za betting kwanza kuficha white :D:D:D


toa mbegu kabla uvute hiyo kitu.

Bring Back Wakanyama. The only remaining Pure Blood in the 21st Century.


In another life you’re a great Script Writer.

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Hehehe. Jamaa wa Dago ni masweep tu anapata.

Hehehehe. Sasa nimeanza kukohoa tena juu ya kucheka. Kumbaff.


Napenda saaaana:D:D

Your handle suits you perfectly, riffraff.

@Wakanyama aletwe



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