How viable is this?

Zimbabwean genius inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso makes cars & other prototypes running from radio frequencies: No one is telling u about this because they’re preserving the fossil fuel energy based monetary system. Lucky enough SABC aired it & unfortunately no one paid attention.

I made a vehicle that runs on farts na sisumbui

You invited @Adeudeu and your vehicle couldn’t handle the horse power generated… it became RIP!

Umeffi… The inefficiency from radio frequencies losses won’t be worthy…

A radio frequency energy can’t even power a radio lound speaker.

That’s why radios have batteries to amplifier the radio waves energy :D:D:D

@introvert you still have your goats?

Toa umeffi kwa hii thread if you are technologicaly challenged… Contribute threads za akina @culture

For your information electronics/electrical is my forte … Just as automotive/ mechanical engineering is to @introvert

Who funds this crap?
I have found a few engineering graduates, especially those who have done diplomas in engineering, claiming that they have made machines that produce more energy than the input. I have always found that they have a problem understanding theoretical physics, sometimes confusing power for energy. This makes them go in confused cycles. it is for the same reason a 110hp bike engine cant drive an average saloon car well. some of these figures are just marketing.
Now like those machines made by this man. most likely you will find that the radio frequency does not play any important role, and the machine would actually be less costly and more efficient without that part.

And this summarizes a simpleton african mentality . Now instead of Africans investing on the idea this young man has , you guys clip his legs .
Guess what the ferk will happen and I want you to listen carefully :
A white man from America won’t believe in his theory because it’s just a theory , BUT he will see something that neither of you will see. He’ll see that he is innovative and needs resources and guidance to actualize his misplaced theory. He"ll be given visa and maybe citizenship.

Fast forward 10 years from the day he left africa, you guys will be buying his idea embedded in American Cars like Tesla, forgetting that you clipped this young man’s idea 10yrs ago.
I respect your opinions @Rene Descartes but but here you might want to think more than just that

Some of these Africans have very low self esteem . If a whole government official calls this project not viable , who will support him .
Africans are cursed . Totally cursed ,useless garbage trucks . @Rene Descartes you made the dumbest shitty comment ever .
@Purple can you please educate us how Americans nurture talent.meanwhile enjoy this :

Inventors and discoverers have ideas everyone admires. They get patents for them and even the latest patents that improved the world can be accessed online. This guy cant get a patent because he isnt using any physics or even proving anything theoretically. look for latest patents and you will see them and people agree that these are new demonstrable ideas. patents dont even have to work. you just have to show that its possible and unique, not a copy of other people’s work and not just a claim. Now this guy appears here and starts saying that he has defeated laws of physics without a single piece of groundbreaking theoretical paperwork and wants people to believe him? let him come up with a small model that he can demostrate it works. no one needs full sized cars and helicopters for a demonstration. ama atoe hiyo gari yake apeke hivo tu juu inatumia radio waves we got more than enough. akuwe ata na patent kadhaa tujue his ideas are demonstrable. Even that tesla auto you are talking about had numerous patents. In so far as his claims are concerned, he, alongside so many other people like him, are embarassing africans. Even patent clerks think its bullshit. this is pseudo science for lack of a better word.

We can all do make believe Inventions and no “white american” will get interested in that shit unless it is actually a scientific invention…or has the potential to be one

Do we have to meet the standards of white Americans for our shit to have weight? Kwani hao ni nani?

If he invents this car and makes it for Africans , where the fuck will white Americans be involved in this . Unless simpleton minded Africans clip his legs like you guys are doing .

But it can power a radio loud speaker.

This concept of using RFs for Power Transmission was long Theorized and proved to be true by Nikola Tesla but Thomas Edison and other capitalists f’ed up Tesla and dismissed his ideas as practical . Yes, it is true that Tesla could power up a village using the giant Tesla Coil that he built at his home. His ideas were, in the most nonchalant manner, swept under the carpet.
This dude might have perfected the process and with that he will definitely be frustrated the very same way Tesla was if not killed.

Si wewe ndio umetaja white american hapo juu

I quoted to make a logic comparison between african mentality and other nations . But I chose to disown it later when you used it as a measure of quality . Thats the difference.

Nobody cares because people are now making self driving cars. Hata making a chopper will not get our attention unless the chopper is self controlling.
That’s just reinventing the wheel