How viable is provision of home wifi in estates?

With the poliferation of 4G from players like JTL Faiba, is WiFi provision to homes still a viable idea. Anybody who is an ISP and providing WiFi net to end users please advice.

You might wanna look outside the big towns where JTL is as yet unheard of.

Sure. But outside we have less clients. Tough to implement.

Soon internet prices will crush. By end of year expect huge drops in data prices.

If you can afford try selling unlocked 4G mifis

Broadcast business is set to dip. Kama unaweza invest now in the data business… Utarip vimajor by the end of this year

sahii internet is very cheap someone will opt for direct connection with isp. i had one who used to supply internet at our flat but when safaricom and zuku came, he had to close business cause people opt to go direct cause of good speeds and reliability.

Uko na mbesha ngapi? tuende mandela na baragoi

Kuna ISPs huko?!

Orange na safaricom edge pekeee, internet is in huge demands over here

Its better to serve 5 major clients paying 50k @ for bandwidth than a long list of 100 clients paying 2k.

Then that means I will also hAve a problem getting net on my base station. A good BS should be on fibre.

True. But that clent who gives you 50k will soon be easily approached by an ISP and they will drop you and take it directly from the major ISPs serving you!

That’s why am asking whether you have good cash, very rarely will a client will ever leave your services if they are excellent… they always move coz of poor services

Who lied that to you that a good bts must be on fiber, since time memorial, centuries ago… c juzi ndio fiber imeland. Amison forces browse day and night in the thick bush, pale hamna fiber my fren

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We also need to know.

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