how true is this????

[ATTACH=full]66101[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]66100[/ATTACH] Speed gun at ruaka, Max speed 50/km …

The 50km/hr didn’t work at kinungi and flyover… Actually, the rule was removed after it became clear that it was causing more traffic and accidents…

There was a news item some time back that stated the speed limit within urban areas is 50kph… for example from Utalii to town 50Kph

[SIZE=6]NTSA releases marked areas with 50Kph speed limit within Nairobi[/SIZE]
Sep. 09, 2014, 12:00 am

THE National Transport and Safety Authority has released areas marked within the boundaries of Nairobi metropolis where speed limit is restricted to 50 Kph.

In a paid up advert, The authority yesterday warned motorist heading to town centre against breaching the 50 kilometre rule.

It said the start of 50 kilometre restriction on Mombasa Road is at City Cabanas and near the Kenya Wildlife Service gate on the Langata Road.

The law will limit speed to 50kph at Nakumat Junction on Ngong Road while for Naivasha Road, it starts at Nakumat Junction near Uthiru turn off.

NTSAuthority has intensified crackdown on speeding drivers on major highways.

"The start of the 50 kph restrictions on the Waiyaki Way is at the junction off James Gichuru Road and Mobil petrol station for Peponi Road.

"The authority said city bound cars from Limuru Road must observe the rule at the mini market, Muthaiga.

NTSA said cars from the Northern bypass must limit their speed at Nyayo Barracks round about and Ridgeways for those driving from Kiambu Road to town centre.

For those driving from Kangundo Road towards town, the limit takes effect from Ruai trading centre while those from the Thika Super Highway will watch the limit at Utalii drift.

Road signs ziko?

and why do the have them when one is getting out of town???