How toxic relationshits end

If you don’t give a damn about your life enough to leave this kind of toxic men, think about your innocent children who didn’t send applications to be in this kind of mess. RIP. Another week, another woman dead at the hands of the father of her kids. Violence doesn’t end, it escalates to death. If you are stuck in a toxic marriage or relationshit, the earlier you leave the better. Things can only get worse.


Saturday night at Millicent Muthoni went to her bedroom to find her husband defiling her daughter. When she went to rescue the child, the man hacked her to death.

The man identified as Paul Murage Njuki , from Kathata ,Kirinyaga then proceeded to hack Millicent Muthoni Rungu, Gifton Bundi, Nelly Wawira, Clifton Njoki and Sheromith Wambui to death on the same night.

The perpetrator surrendered himself to the Kianyaga Police Station demanding to be arrested and locked for six months because he was selling bhang. He also told them he had killed his wife and their four children.

This is a rememberance post for Millicent and her babies. May they Rest in Peace

Kindly if you are in a violent relationship, do not wait. Your life matters.


hakuna kitu kama gender based violence.

disabuse me.