How Too Much Muratina Mixed With Mutura Imeoza Affects The Brain

Meet George Gitie a hopeless mungiki from Muranga. Gitie wakes up as soon after the jogoo has wikad. Yawns and stretches out of his bed. No kuosha uso or kubrush meno or breako…hizo hazitambui. He steps out of the house and 1st stop is @ Mama Kajohnny Muratina Base.

Yes it’s 5am but the joint is filled with other early risers. All of them be like “nikwega athuri” as they sip their muratina. They will spend nearly the whole day there. Hapo 10am and ma 2PM the mtaa mutura hawker will pass by the joint with mutura ya jana to sell to the walevi at a throwaway price before he goes to his base to make fresh mutura for kawa customers.

He leaves akina George Gitie at the muratina base drinking while exchanging “bright ideas” on how to make it in life one of these days.

This is the end protect

See eyes, See teeth. … .his supporters and fellow drinkers are in the background. They think this idea will be a success.

Should i tell them? LMFAOOOO :D:D:D

Aunde tu wind turbine.

ngoja Kameme tv itareport about his innovative idea

it takes much less that that contraption to build an helicopter. All it takes is correct flight principles, a small piston aviation engine, a little knowledge in aluminum metallurgy and metal works, and some basic engineering skill.
hii ujinga ingine inatuaibisha. the first practical aeroplanes were made of strings and cloth because they were based on correct principles. these other mongrels here going crazy with tons of steel pipes and acres of mabati are embarrassing everybody in africa. its like confirming to everybody else that we are bonobos unable to take an engineering book and understand what has already been done before. that guy should be arrested and tried for treason.

a chopper bila rotter kwa iyo extension ya nyuma huwa ngumu kufly. the few that dont have are way too more complicated. lakini hii ghasia anaiona kama ni for aesthetic reasons

I always wonder. Do these Kenyans attempting to make flying machine do the mazematic calculations to determine whether the engine is powerful enough to lift the weight of the machine? whether the wingspan or propeller length is correct?
Pretty sure they don’t know the theory.

Alafu you’ll hear some dimwits on Facebook saying the government should them. I’d rather help someone with the technical knowledge.


At least they keep their fellow villagers entertained and wowed that they have an engineer who can make ‘kifiririki’ amongst them.
That’s the kiuk word for helicopter.
Do the Kalenjin even have a word for it, ghaseer?

I am sure the “heli” is running on a car battery or two.:D:D

Kulikuwa na ingine ya ndege trying to take off from a ramp. I think it was covered by K24. Who has the link??

Hivo ndio Icarus alifika kwa jua

this is a helicopter what to u need wheels for :D:D:D:D:D

Vision twendi thate ! Cendro edition
Mwathani ! Nani ariroga hawa ?

You are worse than him, there are many wheeled choppers including heavy military ones.

All planes have wheels except za maji

One of the many reasons as you have eloquently stated is why we still have the Chinese building roads and railroads in Africa, for Africans in the 21st century. Not that the two are new innovations or concepts within the last 50 - 60 years. The blueprints are there.

As you said, copy & paste (implement) hata imeshinda bonobo Baafrika. Bure kabisa!

na we export the likes of you muende mukoshe tunyanye Meffi,so hata sisi tuko na impact Kwa dunia

Bonobo mungich, leo imekuwa holiday. Hopefully umefanikiwa ukauza mtura and samosas za paka za kutosha. Meffi. :D:D:D