How to Verify KRA Excise stamp on products

How do you guys verify the kra excise stamp introduced on so many products? With the increase in fakes and kra doing rounds I’m trying to be on the safe side.

Vitu zingine achana nazo kabisa kabisa… Acha raia wahustle.

KRA wakikuta nauza products zina stamp bonoko raia watakuja kunitoa ndani?

Download soma label from google play

Shida ukipatikana na bonoko ni wewe tapoteza stock na fine.

Not a viable option where thousands of products are involved

With Soma label app you can randomly scan and got to check with it.

Hiyo lion inakaa zile dogi za @introvert but imefuga dreadi

Soma label ndio verifier. Kra egms is a very clever system one cannot fake the stamps.Check on YouTube.

Get a qr code reader app on your phone and then you are good to go