How to to be Charismatic

If you really wanna achieve a successful life you need to be the most likable guy in every room you enter

I can sum up what I have learned over the years of talking to new people and making new friends and relathionships of various backgrounds.

Learn how to listen. This is number one that people take for granted. There’s ted talks about that. I have made new good friends that are smarter, richer, and more successful just because I am a good listener and am able to form educated and informed responses to what they are talking about.

Respect the other person’s opinion and point of view. Don’t try to impose your opinion or judge someone openly. Stay neutral or positive at least the first time you meet someone.

Don’t say anything negative about the person unless it’s an obvious sarcastic joke that would make the other person laugh too.

Don’t try to one-up people. This is far too common. Instead just accept and show interest in the other person’s accomplishments or brags.

Try to educate yourself on all topics and subjects, at least to the extent of your interest. History, politics, news, sports, travel, world knowledge and different cultures, science, business, etc. Browsing the internet really helps this depending on what you follow. When you come across an educated and successful person they want to talk to other educated and well informed people. My weakness is I don’t really care for or keep up with most sports which is probably the number one easy conversation topic for men.

Don’t treat other people as if they are lower than you, even if they are. This goes hand in hand with one-upping. If you are more successful or more educated or smarter or whatever, keep that to yourself and treat the other person with respect.

Lastly, when the other person is doing the opposite of everything I just said, don’t get angry or hostile. In fact it is a great opportunity to build rapport with them because you listen to them and are friendly and knowledgeable and seemingly like minded.

This is gold

izi vitu huwa hazisomwi kwa vitabu. mtu hulearn through experience. unafaa kucommand respect ya peers wako kama utaenda far. ata kama wewe ni hawker, hawkers wengine wanafaa wawe wanakutambua, alpha male. kama wewe ni mwalimu, staffroom yafaa iwe imelack kitu zile days uko absent. kama wewe ni askari, wenzako wanafaa watamani company yako wakienda patrol. Shida ni eti wale watu hucontrol capital, the lords of the land, hawaezi kubali vitu kama izi watu wajue, ama ziwe kwa syllabus. Izo ndo business secrets zao

Hapo umenena kama elder, Pewa mursik boss

95% lies squarely on how your moral values were natured.Respect is not learned