How to stop your daughter from becoming a slayqueen

Men we have a difficult task, and it’s not just limited to Kenya. Ghana, Nigeria are experiencing the same culture. In fact probably in bigger levels than we do. Doesn’t matter if you school your daughter in Rosslyn Academy or Moi Nairobi Girls, the danger of your daughter slaying is still there. It is becoming acceptable to slay just as it is acceptable to be corrupt.

Old, young women are receiving money for a little uplift, to their lifestyles ( at least perceptually) in exchange for their weekends. To make it worse, generally African men tend to be detached from their kids. Mboch anarushiwa Mtoi since birth, to clean, feed and tend to the child. Mzae only comes in to yell at the daughter when she doesn’t get 100% in a exam.
You only have 12-13 years with your daughter before her ears shut to your advices and disciplines. Mambo ya 18 years sahau hio.
Telling her to work a hard is not enough in todays world.

Anyway let me cut it short but:

  1. Be your daughters valentine until she gets married. Even when she starts working all the ladies wanaletewa flowers kwa ofisi, only yours left glaring at the computer screen. That should be a never. We mtumie zako.
    2.Never disparage or yell at your daughter. Especially after age 12.
  2. Make sure your daughter never gets broke. Make sure she has phone credit 100% of the time, her basic needs are met plus she has that pocket money all the time. Ata Kama you have to wear shoes with holes. Fail to do this, guess nani ata mufund.
  3. Pop in on her activities even in school kama anacheza netball or drama and tell her how well she’s doing being diverse ata kama ana gwara.
  4. Showing kids some finer things of life is actually good. Even if it’s taking them for lunch once every 2-3 months. It makes it hard for them to accept a 10k for some lunch and a Airbnb thereafter coz they know daddy atatununulia hiyo lunch in 2 weeks.

I agree with you but the problem is that it’s hard to completely protect your daughter in such an unequal society. The reason why such things are unheard of in the West (at least very rare because women will always keep womening) is that the economy is so good such that school going girls and boys can easily get a summer job and other gig-paying roles and the pay isn’t bad at all. Most kids use this money to take a European vacation or buy their first car etc etc. As a result, young girls in the west are not easily tempted by some pizza date or some picnic to Kempinski (They can afford all these themselves). In fact, even lower middle class Americans can afford most things a loaded Kenyan can.

So what’s the solution? Kenyan men / African men must build their countries such that economic opportunities open up for the young population. In fact, the reason most women in Kenya date wababz is that they simply don’t have jobs and/or opportunities to climb up the ladder so they sell their p**ssy.

Unless Kenya fixes the economy for everyone, your daughters will remain on the streets, up for the taking by people like David Murathe and the likes of him.


Simiyu I see you are getting my message: I still insist having a daughter in this era is a type of curse. Take @poyoloko as a case study. He lives on the 6th floor in Pipeline, he has two baby mamas, both have daughters and one has oind form 3 this year. The last time he saw the daughter was when she was joining form one.
Meanwhile, wacha watinginze ndiasa na sisi AMGs tukule soft meats bila huruma banae


This is just another way how broke men get screwed. Women do sex work for a lifestyle. Women who already have the lifestyle are less incentivized to do sex work. Also, highly educated women are less likely to do sex work.

So, a rich man whose daughter is a doctor is reasonably certain that he won’t find her on onlyfans. This is a general statement though because wealth is relative. However, you can be fairly confident unless she is a supermodel or something where she can attract shiekhs.

The only way to protect your daughters is making them unaffordable to 99% of men. An average-looking girl at USIU is less likely to be a prostitute than an average girl at UoN. Why? The UoN girl is more likely to accept less money for sex. The USIU student already drives, lives well, and gets a weekly allowance. Its much harder for most guys to impress her with money compared to the UoN student in bedbug-infested double decker beds kwa hostels whose HELB peanuts are dwindling by the hour.

Men are rational and the sex market is a free market. They will pick the women that they spend on the least all other factors held constant. So, a 7 in USIU will get the same offers than a 7 in UoN but she will probably reject 99% of them unless she already likes the dude.


Now you see why I say you shouldn’t let your daughter be broke, referring to your USIU example. Chances are, that girl in USIU has some money on her.

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Kuzaa mtoto msichana ni tatizo kubwa. U can do all that but the moment she tastes deek it’s over.


That’s why nimewapatia bullet-proofing methods.

Most men in Nairobi would never fork out say 5k for sex. Why? They know there is no value for money forking out higher amounts. Also, they can’t afford it anyway. Most USIU students would not have sex with a man they don’t find attractive for 5k because its peanuts from their point of view.

The average guy will consider smashing a girl from NIBS for a fraction of that 5k than the USIU girl. Simply put, being wealthy places your daughter out of reach for most men. For her to have sex, she would have to actually like the guy so it won’t be a client-prostitute arrangement.

The only time your money can’t protect your daughter is if she is too pretty such that she attracts men who are much wealthier than you. That USIU student is still fair game to say some governor because despite your own success, the politician will be in a position to give her what you cant.


I’ll just point out that in my time on campus, we would pick ladies from either campus easily for a weekend of wild sex, booze, and blunts… A party where weed cookies and brownies were available would attract either in good measure…
Hata Kabarak was fair game if you announced a proper event early enough because they had to travel to the big city to attend!

My take is malaya ni malaya tu hata uende Yuess. You have to sit your daughter down and explain to her very well how life goes. You can buy her all she wants and keep her account well maintained, but bado utampata akifanya upuzi hapo nje akiamua. Lazima umueleze constantly what life is so that hata akiamua kufanya hio upuzi, she understands the consequences. Some of these guys don’t understand that life could come very fast at them if they are not careful. Everyone, men included, never views themselves as possible victims, and they have to be reminded that they are not special!

When older women like Caroline Matako start filling your daughters’ ears with stupid things like “Know your worth”, you have to explain to your daughters again and again what their true worth is. The kawaida expensive lunches and holidays aside, you really have to go out there and be present in your daughters’ lives because if you do not, she will have the money and still seek attention from men like Tecra Muigai.

Daughters mostly wander out of the norm when it starts with seeking male approval because they do not get the right attention from the right men. Then it grows to commercializing what she can because Mutoko told her that her worth is measured in terms of the monetary benefits her beauty can fetch. She finally sees akina Betty Kyallo and Lilian Muli living as they wish and opts to also go for it.

Anyway, there are so many well-meaning women who are living straight lives out here and cannot be easily influenced because the men in their lives were present and taught them their true value when it was appropriate. There are also those who know the consequences of hoeing around town.

My $0.02!


Nimeacha hapo kwa your time in campus. Your experience isn’t unique. Those girls were having fun with their agemates (you), not prostituting themselves. Big difference. Those girls were easy for you (as a student and agemate), not for the 50 year old sponyo. My post is about prostitutes, not college thots.

Money can’t save your daughter from being a thot. But it can save her from being a prosititute i.e trading sex for cash. A thot has many sexual encounters but not for cash. Im not saying she is any better than a prostitute, but most women do not have indiscriminate sex.

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The old way was a woman knowing their worth. So even offering them 20k, they wouldn’t accept. But social media is changing all that. It’s becoming fashionable to accept goodies for a night out. USIU, UoN, the same. Now I am talking about regular girls, not the party animals or lanyez.
The idea is to give your daughter a immeasurable self worth. Not a financial one.

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This is heart wrenching. As a father of two beautiful girls I can’t imagine that this is the reality we have to face. But it’s good to be mentally prepared and real.


Wrong. Most women have a price and always had a price. However, the ones who “know their worth” simply know that the amount they would trade sex for cash for is unreasonable for most men.

For example, very few men will offer a woman 20k for sex in Kenya. If a woman’s price is 20k, you can easily mistake her for being better morally while the reality is that most men wouldn’t be willing to pay her price.

You cant give your daughter “immeasurable” self worth. The best you can do is price her out of most men’s budgets.

Whoring starts with a simple exchange of undue attention, cheap booze, and sex. If a girl can shuttle across campuses for cheap sex, booze and weed, leaving her boyfriend back in school, you don’t have to be told that she is a hoe-in-waiting!


Kuna kitu inaitwa fate wewe morio. Ama peleka dem aiishe ocha huko atapata good exposure

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They don’t do that for the booze and weed. They do that because they like you. But you are obviously too dumb to see it. Those girls wouldn’t take the same offer of booze and weed only from a 50 year old man.

A potential prostitute is not a prostitute until she trades sex for favors from men she does not like. Most of those usiu students never reach that stage of trading sex for favors with men they don’t like.

If a girl from USIU is fucking you for weed and booze, she really likes you. She isn’t doing it for the booze or weed. After all, she can buy her own booze and weed


This is clear evidence that you probably never had wild parties on campus. A girl you met twenty minutes ago cannot like you on the spot. You can click, but liking takes some time. Only a hoe “likes” you that fast!

You also possibly take strippers’ word for it when they call you handsome! :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

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You’ve probably slept with too many prostitutes to think that every woman you slept with as a student wanted your booze and weed. Jiamini msee. You have low self-esteem.

No woman will sleep with you just for booze and weed if she doesn’t like you. If she doesn’t like you she will ask for cash or other big favors to make it worth her while. That’s what prostitution is.

kama hii ni nissan Tiida inateka vitu kama hizi, na sasa ukiwa na German Masin si atatoa ovaries zake akuwekee kwa sahani ukule :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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