How to Stop Being the Family ATM.

Are some people thinking you are a walking ATM?
Do they need a short term loan due to an unexpected expense that they can, and will, pay back quickly? Unfortunately NO! Mostly they just want to chew the money and the cycle continues and continues. Ukora! And when you want to empower them be it in gaining skills hawataki… haiya!
The most funny part…They don’t even know if you are alive or dead. Or even in a hospital bed! They just send messages! This is insane! It should be stopped! For the hells sake! Wanataka just to cover normal or expected costs, or as a way to support a lifestyle that’s beyond their means? While they are busy doing nothing to make their living standard better.
Don’t give them money, you’re just enabling them and you’ll never see the money again.
You should also keep your finances secret, so you can claim poverty if they ask for more money.

Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime. Tumeshoka!

Saidia kwa kina khupipi pekee uone ukipata shida kama watakusaidia.

Africans are parasitic creatures. Just because your brother is earning more than you makes you think of how to suck money from him all the time.

Thread closed. Own goal.


@Mansikka umeenda diaspora ukaona pesa imeingia?:D:D:D:D