How to Stave off Cancer - Bob Collymore edishen

So apparently my huge bank balance cannot keep this shit at bay. But i still wanna live to 85. Nipewe tips by the health gurus how i can keep this monster away from my sights.

PS: I sleep 9 hours a night

9 hours? Do you have kids?

Eat what you grow ,grow what you eat banae…

Fate is fate.
Uta dodge cancer ukufe na pneumonia

Now now why would i have kids old man? Didnt you get the memo? I’m the resident eternal bachelor here mann…

Enjoy for now young man . I wish I can be in my teens when I could do 12 hrs and feel nothing

Yeah, life is good when u dont have some shiftless toddlers with runny noses running around u

Has to be more than that

Read your BIBLE and pray everyday… (repeat)

I guess regular check-ups will suffice. Ndio uipate ikitoshana ndengu uikate na nacet

Get closer to your god. Live a humble life, Pray and BE GENEROUS

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Hii kenya yetu naonaga izo checkups zikiwa scam tu

Alpha male alifunga fallopian.

Ama anyongwe na mkate.

One in two people will develop cancer at some stage in their lives.
Tafakari hayo…

So its just like flipping a coin?

And die any way!!!

Hii maisha just live, love and laugh.
Tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday is history you’re only guaranteed today.
Knowing God is the beginning of wisdom and when you’re low in Faith, remember Death.

Today is not guaranteed, it could be the anniversary of your death.

Cancer aint no joke… A pal lost his mum 3 month ago to stomach cancer io kitu ilikua imemukula mpaka she was on life support…My pal had to let her go it was too much bear. God help us all.