How to shake off tailgaters

How to shake off tailgaters on the road

Driving can be a challenging experience, especially when dealing with tailgaters who follow too closely behind your vehicle. In such situations, utilizing signals effectively can play a crucial role in deterring tailgate …

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Rule enye najua kama ni 1 tailgater then he is the problem.Kanyanga mafuta then weka emergency brakes uone

But kama ni magari kadhaa you are the problem.

ChatGPT nonsense. I won’t be part of your site traffic.

People who tailgait are just dunderheads, na si matusi. You must be extremely foolish to think it’s ‘fun’ or safe to do it. Others are bullies who want to force you to drive like you are racing, despite the condition of the road or the set speed limit. Wengine wanakupigia mataa. Hata ukiwawekea hazards wanaendelea kukufuata karibukaribu, esp. Nissans and bodabodas, badala ya kuslow down au kuovertake. They simply don’t get it.

Nissans gani hizo bana ndio tujichunge…kama ni march ama note sina shida but GTR na patrol would worry me.

Matatu vans

In a safe place, slow down to snail pace uone kama bado atatailgate. In an unsafe road, turn in to the next petrol station or shop centre. That is what I always do.

Mimi na kajincheng kangu nikiona tailgater heri nijifinyilie kando apite aende akatailgate magari zingine na huko mbele apulaie.

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