How to retire and die miserably

Dear Admin,
I follow the group keenly and will be glad to check on advices from the members.
My dad used to work with a govt parastatal and retired last year aged 61.
My mom has been a housewife.
We are five kids and I am the eldest 39 yrs old.
My siblings are 32, 28 and 25 twins.
Despite our support and pushing, my dad has never constructed a house in Kakamega as we have always lived in govt house in Upper Hill.
He then used his retirement money to construct a house in Kakamega.
Now last month he marries a 19 yr old. We confronted him and he told us to leave his life alone, threatening to curse us. Our mom is crying everyday.
Now this teenager is also rude to our mom.
We are planning to settle our mom away from our dad. Would this be ok?
We are distraught.

Heed the advice and Get A Life!..

he told us to leave his life alone,

curse is just that…a word. kula hako ka dame kake.

Sioni shida hapa. Mzee akule pension yake pole pole na kitu swafi U23 bila kusumbuliwa. [SIZE=1]Ama ukule curse … whatever that means.[/SIZE]

He wants you gone and you’re planning to set up your mum far away from him, where’s the problem?

Stay away from your father’s and mother’s relationship. I’m sure he doesn’t need your opinions and he can make his own decisions, painful as they may be for you. Also treat the 19 yo with respect as your father’s wife. Be very impartial and respectful to the whole situation. If your mother wanted to leave, she would have. This sounds harsh but Sincerely, back off and mind your own business

Ati curse…:D:D:D

The sons should not tolerate that nonsense from their dad at all. Where i come from, such women are chased like a burukenge by the sons cause she will kula the mzee until when the money is gone. She leaves and the broke old man now becomes a burden to the same sons.

Mtobeeni huyo bibi

Peleka mama pengine. Wacha mzee apige sherehe na slay queen.

settle madhe somewhere in kakamega . wacha mzee akule raha yake

Mgisu what will happen huyo kijana ya 32 akitomba huyo mother in law according to mbaruya customs.

fisked :smiley:

Mens problem as they age and their wives are nolonger pump their ego, they find something to spice things up.

he dies painfully by 14th of the next month

pucci ya mathe ni borehole. Wacha akule kitu tight Haina mileage. Ingekua mimi ni nge muletea packet ya condoms asiweke ball.

Let him have his cake with that maid. Its not uncommon for men to marry them.

I thought in your culture Mzee akinyuria unaachiwa bibi. Treat her nice umewekewa stock

you have no business in your father’s marital affairs…

It can become an issue in the villages where the mzee has say 5 sons and 10 acres of land. The sons have no source of income other than farming in the same land and awaiting inheritance and here comes a “gacungwa” who most likely will convince the mzee to sell part of the land wakule (this is very common). The first wife will definitely be left high and dry and will incite the sons to chase the girl away ama mali yote iishe hivo.