How do you pre-protect your money in the bank in case you are jacked and someone has access to your atm and a gun to your balls…

The easiest way is to wake up, halafu ukojoe ulale tena


Plead with them not to harm you.
Otherwise, talk to your bank in advance to assist you in setting withdrawal limits to mitigate the risk of losing a lot of money.


Change how you bank… Wachana na atm card, usijaribu hio kitu ya from account to mpesa. My bank accounts ni current bila cheque book ni kazi bure. Sina atm. Akina Njoro na Kama wakikupata ni pesa iko kwa mfuko na simu watachukua.

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if u feel u are loaded but insecure si uhame hio mtaa

Snap ana machungu, i can see what you did there…unataka ahamie area code yako

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weka maximum withdrawal limit below 10k, shida ni unaeza fugwa pahali kila siku unapelekwa ATM 2355hrs halafu mnatoka hapo 0005hrs after ya kusanya ya 2 days.

the process is repeated again for 30 more days

always use a prepaid card it helps in budgeting and carries all currencies

An angry robber ni moto ya kuotea mbali. What if you don’t have any cash on you? What will you tell a trigger happy thug?
That’s the same as saying you wont use the highways coz all road fatalities happen there
Nothing in this world is worth your life

pigia Kenya orient, some years back they had such a package. Don’t know if it is still in existence. Kenya Orient’s package also comes with countrywide rescue and road assistance services. It also offers refunds in case the client is forced to make an ATM withdrawal during a carjacking.