How to prepare a quick nutritious breakfast /supper on a budget.

After realising most guys hujitesa kiovyo I have decided to share my life long secrets :smiley:

Now let’s start on how you should go about this from start to finish.
First you need to do your chopping. Chop the onions and garlic in very small pieces vertically and horizontally. The garlic should be very small fine pieces. You don’t want eating a chunk of garlic early in the morning. [ATTACH=full]145848[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]145849[/ATTACH]

Break your eggs in a nice bowl, finely mix it for a while. Add your onions and garlic. Don’t forget the salt Ngombe :D[ATTACH=full]145850[/ATTACH]
Put your frying pan on whatever it is that is your source of heat. Acha ikae for a while before adding the cooking oil. Once the frying pan is hot, I usually add very little oil just enough to ensure your eggs does not get stuck on the frying pan. Mainly do this because I don’t want to die of a heart attack at 55 ferking my mbich doggy style. Sorry for deflecting from the topic Kikikikiki. Now add your mixture of eggs into the frying pan, carefully spread it out so you get an even circle. [ATTACH=full]145851[/ATTACH]
Also funika your frying pan as this will trap the heat giving you a nice evenly cooked omelette.[ATTACH=full]145852[/ATTACH]
And voilla you have a nice healthy breakfast to get you going for the day. Also always buy Fahari Gold tea and the like, promote the local economy ya cunts! If you were waiting for how to prepare tea, ferk off you uncultured swine :D:D[ATTACH=full]145853[/ATTACH]Don’t forget to run the frying pan on running water. It’s just how things are done. Don’t question it[ATTACH=full]145854[/ATTACH]
Once you are fully satisfied and done, toss your utensils aside to be washed on a need to basis. Preferably the next day. [ATTACH=full]145856[/ATTACH]

now i can believe you are truly mad:D:D

uko na umama mingi kama @The.Black.Templar

Ungekuwa focused vile uko focused kufikiria breakfast usiku, sahii badala ya Jimmy Wanjigi ni wewe tungeona kwa t.v a while back…

Kasee,apan tambua omelette mwitu,wapi tomatoes, hoho ,dhania,hehe

Unajua now schupiddd ? Get with the times :smiley:

Everything in due time my friend. Everything in due time. Prepared this asubuhi but bundles zilikata if it means anything hahaha

Brown bread the best ferker!

Hii yako ndio omelette on salad.

mofo what is this?

Keti kando NV pumbaff wewe. Learn to show respect to your elders Ngombe.

Shenzi…ate too many eggs in campo mpaka I developed intolerance for omelette and boiled eggs.

When i saif you are poor i didnt know it is this worse… yaani huna nonstick pan? Zako ni njaro juakali?

Too much time on your hands kijana

Huyu msee anaishi kama nyani :D:D:D vyombo zinakaa kama zile za mama pima

@Grundy we we ni VS yaani? Haisuru.

But I.O.N mayai hainanga intolerance. Hapo umetudanganya

si niliacha ukitengeneza circle…


Stop murdering the qweens language

Boss…hii ndio tunaskianga french toast???