How to overcome women

  1. Join a true church

  2. Put all your energy and concentration on your passion - if you are innovating something, place all your energy and concentration on that

  3. Join a gym or do home workouts - men who do not regularly workout use alcohol or sex to reveal their steam. Most whoremongers have no muscular bodies

  4. Learn to Pray

  5. Concentrate on your family

(thank me later)

Number 3 @mzee

Number 3 point @Mzee Mashavu confirm

The handle itself tells you hana muscle, ni mashavu tu

Be broke and ugly like me and you’ll never suffer the bother of women in your life.

why do you seek to overcome women?

All this for a wet slit that you will get without doing any of that shiet anyway?? Incels mna shida. Pia sielewi context ya “overcome”

very homosexual kind of thinking

Number 2, 3 and 5 works perfectly for me.

I will add the 6th one…understand that women careless about you, and all they can give is sex. Kitu unakula na CD hata hakuna starehe na bado ni malaya. Uki dryfry unapata luwere

Anamaanisha overcome lanyes

overcome women…?

Too summarized. This one warrants uangushe its own thread.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D savage u cunt

Gayyyishh???, @jmoy overcame women and fell for goats


Na kama passion yako ni ku multitask kama ule jamaa ya usilipe zaidi ya 150? Anakula malaya ya 150 nyuma ya canter huku akichunga asiibiwe wallet na simu, huku kwingine ako rada ya patrolling blue boys

Hio kesi ya huyo muyamaa itabidi elders wa fast na wakeshe…wiki tatu ndio jamaa asaidike

Insurance from God…

This is just sad. Wanawake ni watu pia sijui why you hate them when we really love them and they enrich our lives.

The dude is addicted to hoes, he can’t have a normal healthy relationship with the opposite sex. He has now resorted too peeing on it.