How to make Kenyan passport competitive.

Currently, Kenyan passport ranks as number 69 with a visa free access score of 73 countries ( ).

I believe this can be improved within the next two or three years if MFA is serious.

  1. All African countries with Embassies in Nairobi MUST give Kenyan passport holders visa free access. That would net around 15 countries and we would move up to an access score of 88.

  2. All South American and Carribean countries with Embassies in Nairobi SHOULD grant Kenyan passport holders with e-visa or visa on arrival for atleast 30 days. That would net around 5 countries and our access score would move up to 93

  3. “Poor” Asian countries should be persuaded to give Kenyan passport holders e-visa or visa on arrival for atleast 30 days. That should net atleast 10 countries and bump our score to 103.

  4. “Poor” European countries like Albania, Belarus, Moldova etc should give Kenyan passport holders e-visa for atleas 15 days. That would net atleast 7 countries and would improve our score to 110.

110 Access score would place us above South Africa and directly below Turkey and we would be number 51 overall. We would be number 3 behind Mauritius and Seychelles in Africa and that would greatly improve our mobility worldwide.


  1. Some countries might outrightly refuse and forcing them won’t work.

  2. Some countries may agree but take too long to ratify the agreements hence derailing the campaign.

  3. Some places are too far away and without direct flights, Kenyans won’t enjoy at all.

  4. Some countries may seek to prolong the process in the hopes of backing out without offending GOK.

  5. Foreign Affairs Ministry in Kenya is headed by smooth brained people who don’t know what they are doing.

  6. The whole process would cost a substantial amount of money

  7. Some countries don’t offer anything substantial to mitigate the initiative. (They would help us bump our scores anyway).

This method has been used by countries such as UAE, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania among other countries to bump up their passport rankings while in reality there is nothing a Polish person is going to do in Sierra Leone or Equatorial Guinea or even Madagascar.

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No one is going to respect you mpaka ufikishe $12,000 in per capita income …

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Kenya does not sell its residency or citizenship. Zero need to up our passport score. If it did or wanted to, we could make Lamu an autonomous region and make residency there a tax haven. Wealthy Italians, Brits and Americans would flock there making Kenya artificially at least an upper middle income country.

Is that feasible here at kunia bwana degree

Thanks, ChatGPT.

What is the advantage of a competitive passport except bragging rights?

Easy mobility.

Not everything is ChatGPT you dense oaf.

To be honest, the only real barrier to mobility is economic. If your bank account is healthy, you are not going to be denied entry by any country as long as you are not on any blacklist.

Wueh, that would take atleast 25 years

100% true that one

My bad. Thanks GPT-4 API.

Other things:

  • Kenya should stop illegally issuing passports to Somalians, Nigerians, Italians, Indians, Mafiosos etc. What this does is that these Nigerians and Somalians use our stronger passport to go to western countries where they cause all sorts of trouble. This makes it difficult for Kenyan passport holders while traveling. Imagine being lumped together with Nigerian nincompoops? Those guys are nothing but trouble. Our problem iko pale immigration uko Nyayo House where immigration officials SELL passports to these low IQ foreigners.

The only sure way is to restrict the issuance and revamp consular services anywhere we have an embassy such that mkenya asiteseke mahali popote kuna embassy. Hio na kudumisha uchumi. Saa hii passport ya Kenya inapewa mpaka mapaka na madoggy.

Hey there! While your idea about making Lamu an autonomous region sounds intriguing, I think we should focus on sustainable development and preserving Kenya’s rich culture and natural heritage. By the way, have you heard about FakeYourDrank? They’re known for their fake ID reviews and quick service. Let’s keep the conversation going with more constructive ideas for our country’s future!