How To Make a Tyrant - William Ruto

Upus… You should have stopped at 0:18. Stalin died peacefully and Amin in hospital just 20 years ago…
Ruto btw hawezi kua dictator. We have courts to put a stopper to any shenanigans he tries. We saw the high court throwing out cases za defamation and upholding freedom of speech and Sugoi’s government will meet the same treatment akianza over reach.

Stalin didn’t die peacefully , during his last days he had gone mad and isolated himself . he died a painful death

Creating a tyrant in Kenya is very easy. Very easy. BBI failed just because time ran out. A party with a Super Majority in Parliament and a weakened opposition can change the constitution the way they want. If Uhuru had started his tyrant tactics during the first term, by now he would be in his third term na hakuna kitu tungefanya. The only good thing about Uhuru is that he is drunk, emotional, and erratic. He cannot focus on one thing and do it properly.

:D:D Kwani ni Junet ndio alipea huyu narrator story za Ruto? Propaganda potent kuliko ile ya Goebbels

Utaambiwa mara ngapi? Kenya hamuaminiani hamna umoja therefore getting cohorts and malefactors to support a cause,tyranny in this case, utangoja sana, let alone uniting different tribes for that fact. Countries that get chronic dictatorship have a national cause pushing them…kenya kidogo mlidinywa na harambee. Hii porojo yako needs blackwater mercenaries to pull it off but jungle software with bonobo upgrades bado inarun. Not anyone not Ruto can pull it off even with a ‘pull here’ sign. Kenya kila mtu kivyake,a blessing in disguise

WSR hazezi kuwa dictator. That’s why yesterday he put it clear hakuna nusu mkate, handshake and other similar chieth.

Kazi ya Ojinga na Junet will be to make noise in parliament to keep his government on check. He needs a strong opposition.

He has already bought off the opposition.
There’ll be nothing like strong opposition in JSKS’ government. Everyone should look out for himself.
Even the opposition is tired.

Tired? What have they been doing the past five years so that they can be tired? I don’t think we need a strong opposition; we need an independent Parliament, regardless of ones political party.

Toka kwa hii ndoto and familiarize yourself with the procedure of changing the constitution.

Anyone who tries any shenanigan will meet the fate of BBI and/or Uhuru.

The supreme court made the work so easy in future. It ruled the only thing that was not in order was president initiative. But that doesn’t mean JS wont sponsor people like he did during that petition

The problem with @Sambamba is that he is conflating what he wants vis-a-vis what is. The Supreme court clarified many issues, including throwing away the rubbish that was “Basic structure.” In Kenya, you just need to influence judges by influencing the JSC, influence parliament and bribe County assemblies.

Okay then, pray tell, who’s going to lead the opposition?
Azimio is dead and buried when Ruto decided to allow UDM from Ali Roba, Kamket, the MP from nyanza and even Kiraitu to join his fold. Whatever Ruto is doing is isolating the coalition to become a shell of what it was.
You think he was welcoming these people so that we can have an independent Parliament?
Think critically. I know you have supported Ruto but we are past campaigns, let’s say things as they are.

Chungeni mashamba zenu…that’s all.