How to know if your phone is cloned

There are several ways to know if your phone is cloned but my choice is using an app called Antutu benchmark.Basically with this app utajua the original model of the phone, serial no and all other stuff that people like @snapdragon hide before selling you a fake device.I actually found that my phone is a sony experia z4 clone, a model known as imkj.So ka unashuku simu yako download io app inaitwa Antutu benchmark and thank me later.

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Will it revert my phone back to the original model? If not, it is as useless as somali clitorati.


Of course not… Am sure a warranty would be of help ukipata ulicheswo

Did Imjk give you an original Imjk after you took it back?


Did it have original packaging and sold as original?

I bought the phone from a street vendor… As we speak am dealing with him, not the manufacturer

The packaging seemed to be original… Of course what i was concerned about at the time of purchase was the device itself, not the packaging

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Street vendor no hawker au?

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Sikuizi Nani hajui kutambua fake phones. …just take imei send to 1555.


And camera is always something they fail to clone. Kama ushawai ona 16mp camera ukitapa fake utajua tu iko chida don’t ignore.
In fact before buying u should go online to check your device and YouTube after that u should have a picture of what to expect

how do you know if a human is a clone?