How to know if she is cheating

Women are like children they need constant validation and attention. If you are her only source of validation and attention most women will be very very needy. If she’s not making plans to meet you, texting you throughout the day, looking forward to your calls, telling you she misses you, telling you she loves you all the time you talk( so that you can say it back), introducing you to all her friends buda mnasaidiana.

leta hekaya :D:D:D:D


Jamaa ameshinda kwa WhatsApp aki message crushie wake hoping to keep her entertained

Alikuwa ana date dem sampuli ya kipekee.

[SIZE=5]This is not true my brother, you’ve been dating a Narcissist or you’ve been entertaining such actions. Unabembeleza sana.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Whoever told you that women are like children lied to you. He should be killed or fed to the crocodiles.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]“[SIZE=5]women are like children[/SIZE]” is a phrase used to manipulate men into thinking that women have no clue regarding what they want. Chunga sana. This is what encourages SIMPING. Do not kabsaaa. [/SIZE]

Ita hawa MAGAYTOW walete opinion

I don’t need guidance from some fake online guru huffing and puffing about alpha this and beta that. Hiyo kazi tumewachia fatherless bastards

Ukiachwa pale kwa pavement ya club

Pole sana mgtow chief.