How to know an idiot

If you want to know if a talker is an idiot, use the equation below
If all factors are held constant, then for a normal and intellectual ktalker
l >m
l = total likes
m = total messages
If this equation does not hold, then the talker is an idiot in their replies, messages, thread they contribute and lack substance
For example @Mosa
The ratio of l:m also indicates the level of idiocy thus
if l:m = 1 you are an average idiot
if l:m < 1you are irredemable idiot
if l:m >1 you are not as idiot
if l:m =>2 you are brilliant
DISCLAIMER: This equation does not hold for women due to parameters like ufisi.




Put this on your LinkedIn profile. It will open all the doors.


You failed maths

I totally endorse this message. My l:m stands at 3.7 which just proves what I’ve always suspected, that I’m super fucking intelligent.

Ss ww ndo ujue huna haja na maisha yako mbona unafikiria vitu za kishoga ivo


Have you been touched?


It happens.


nani anaelewa kenye hii burukenge inasema apa

can you first check your idiocy level

Ondoa umeffi kwa forum yangu please.

Really? I disagree.

Forum yako ni gani, ya idiots

hehe, why do you disagree?

I wonder if you can understand what you wrote!!! Wewe nikama babako hakukutingizia vizuri… nikama shot yenye ilikua wewe ilimwagwa inje partly. Hahahahahaaha