How to kill dreams

I have this childhood friend, brought up in the same hood, went to the same schools, high school na campo tuka swing jug daniels, portable spirits, muratina pamoja, only for him to degenerate into full blown alcoholic and drop out of campo. The guy has slayed his demons, he’s now sober but it’s like the liquor blew a few fuses in the brain. The guy now believes he’s the next Jay Z! It would have been a wonderful dream if he had even an ounce of talent. The guy now surrounds himself with a bunch of dimwits who have made him believe he’s a musical genious…he’s not! The guys is a brilliant IT guy, he can easly get a job, make a decent living, then make his horrendous beats and whack rimmes as a hobby, but you can’t tell that to an immerging super star. How do I tell this guy, your music is chiet, you’ve zero talent, the nights spent in the studio are an absolute waste of time, youu’re too old for this ish, there is no shame in giving up some of your dreams for something realistic and attainable, without being seen as an envious piece of chiet out to curtail his grand dreams.

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The music we have is already shit so he is on the right track.



sometimes the only way to jolt someone back to reality is by telling them the painful truth. will hurt, hell he/she might even think you are jealous but once he/she calms down, chance are they will think it over

hii alcoholism nashuku kuna beshte wangu from high school ako na hii shida. Kwao ni masonko, back in Highschool ningepewa 1000 for shopping/transport and pocket money, unaenda unabuy sukari na kalamu pekee. kufika shule yeye anakuonyesha 7k na anasema bado ako na zingine kwa bursar. done with his degree but ananiombanga doo ndogo ndogo kama 100, 200. never past 200. so we had a like a mini high school reunion and asked another pal kwani huyu kukoje? was told he spends most of his days in a Keg den, nikajua hapa kuna sida

Wachana naye kama hajaitisha usaidizi, one day he will be jolted from his addiction.

If you are afraid to tell him the bitter truth that might change his fortunes for the better then I can conclude he does not mean shit to you. if you tell him and he takes it badly then he is not a true friend.

Give us his email we will tell him for you

Wacha jamaa ajikaze. Hujui bahati yako. Wengine tuliwadharau leo wao ndio kusema.

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Let him do whatever he wants

So unataka kuniambia siwezi attend hiyo festival ya Tommorowland?? Au unataka kunishw sitawessmake kubuy gari expensive kuliko ya @uwesmake ?? Au Kirubi??


[SIZE=5]Wachana naye ! Have a dimwit cousin in his 30s who also thinks he is the next big thing , he sounds like a he-goat in heat ! bought his cd tossed it out kabla nifike kwa nyumba ![/SIZE]

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Huyo itabidi umemwacha coz if you tell him he sucks he will immediately go to the studio and record a song addressing his haters yaani you. I know someone like that hapa majuu he even has videos on YouTube but I won’t post them here coz of CSI. Alikataa shule sasa anangangana na factory life. He made his bed let him lie in it.

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He comes across as some of these pple hupenda instant gratification. They never want to work consistently to grow slowly by slowly. They tend to think that one day they’ll wake up and change everything all of a sudden for the better. In this case that individual tells himself that he just needs to do one hell of a hit song that will change the rest his life for the better.