How to kill a cat

Habari yenu wadau.

In my section of the green leafy paipu suburbs, we have garbage disposal services, unlike the uncultured swines (like @culture) on the other side, who throw their garbage over the balcony.

Now, there’s this bloody cat which comes every night when the garbage has been placed out, rips the bag and scatters garbage all around. Sasa verandah inakuwa chafu na kila mtu anaona leftovers zangu za truffles (muthokoi) and foie gras (matumbo). I changed the schedule and started placing the garbage out early in the morning kabla niende kwa muhindi. This worked for a while, lakini hii paka saitan ikaanza kuja asubuhi and doing the damage. Hata siku hizi zimekuwa paka mbili.

How do I kill these cats? My extensive research has shown that cats are too clever to be poisoned, and they are too quick to be attacked by my bow and arrows. Saidieni priss.

Bado mnatumianga zile bags za plastic? I thought they were banned!??

niliambiwa panadol nikashindwa kama ni wao wama headache au ni mimi…:D:D:D:D…just joking…

first of all congratulations are in order for posting a thread in you last 90 years in ktalk . as a Kamba i wouldnt advice killing a cat since you guyz are into the occult world it could be you long departed great great grand mother watching over you

My grandpa, go bless his soul, was a ruthless man. There was a cat that was eating eggs so one day he grabbed it by the back of it’s neck the way one normally carries a cat. Aliizungusha mara kadha akaiwachilia and it hit the ground head first macho zikatoka and that was the end of it’s nine lives.

Lure the mathapaka with food, hang it and then dump the body in the trash. Make sure you use uzi ya viatu kuinyonga. Good luck

Some sick cunts in here… Why don’t you just buy a plastic dustbin with lid cover?!

punguza umama

Mi nilikuwa nafikiria you want to give us instructions on how to annihilate a cat and its donor at night…
You cant kill it hivi tu. First, make friends with the cat. Let it trust you enough to pet it. Then mkishazoeana, siku moja ukimpapasa, weka yeye kwa gunia. Then drown those matapakas in one of those man-made sewer lakes of the leafy pipeline suburbs…

Kuja ukate mkia ya paka vile ulikata ya osama (ama ilikuwa Sadam?)

Ongea na mama saitan.

Vuja Deki dont treat a symptom. Attack the disease.

Sasa gay lord.

I hate cats.

sprinkle some ‘tumbaku’ ile ya wamaasai around the garbage works wonders.hope you dont have a shepart around ama itauliwa na uvutaji tumbaku.Otherwise,open your leafy wallet and walk into a leafy surburb grocery store and get yourself a mint extract.mix it wit water and spray it around the scene of crime

Hiyo ni umama. I want to kill it and hang its carcass kwa gate, ili iwe funzo kwa wenzake, wasikaribie 10th floor tena

Long ago my uncle speared one unfortunately it did not stop it’s bad cat ways so Kuna siku imepita na imondo yake …you know luhyas and ingoko so jamaa akaitega na kuishika akaweka kwa gunia na kusungusha gunia (swirl it in a circular motion) na kuichapisha kwa ukuta ile direction hio paka ilishika baada ya kutoka kwa hio gunia ilikua one direction never to be heard from again never returned

How do you befriend street cats?
Those creatures that make sound like a small baby.

in some neighbourhoods you leave this out you won’t find it by lunch time…

Paipu terms priss. Mint extract ni nini?