How to invest 12m in real estate

Hi wakUMBWA,
Thagichu is expecting some windfall to the tune of kshs. 12m. Am thinking of becoming a rand rod, finally. Give me ideas of where, what, how, etc. Sitaki deni-am blacklisted by CRB, Safaricom, Airtel, KWFT, etc. na sina mbuloti popote.


kalia hiyo hadi election ipite inflation iende chini tafuta shamba nakuru ama kiambu below 1m the rest build whatever you want,

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Find a plot in places that are near to a college kama kwa kairo, kimbo, ruiru near zitech and kenyatta road… build some good bedsitters and thank me later. Ignore io bullishit/siasa ROl…


Weka yote kwa plots, ya kujenga itajileta. Congrats for the windfall! :slight_smile:


I am not an expert, but I know the importance of diversification. If I was in your position, I would invest 3 million in a matatu 18 seater (long distance), and the remaining 9 million in bedsitters anywhere in Kiambu county. With 9 million, assuming a 10% rental yield, you are guaranteed of 75,000 per month. From the mat, you are guaranteed of Ksh 6,000 per business day for the next 2 or 3 years before mechanical issues kick in. But that is just me. With this combination, you have an income of Ksh 225,000 per month guaranteed and you have sufficiently diversified your risks and income streams.


But money from hostels is seasonal. At kwa kairo, an eighth is kitu 2m. What will the remaining 10m afford me? Any figures?

Obviously, whatever I do will be after 25 days, so elections zitapita. What is this “whatever you want”? Am looking for best advise from the all-knowing KTalk family.

I was thinking of something to earn me a monthly upkeep as I plan to go back to school. Ata kama italeta 50K at least nijue family wako na food.

I like the idea of diversification. L:akini hapo kwa matatu-----apana. I cant afford that kind of risk.

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Achana na matatu bizi

Hizo ni bed sitter kama ngapi munene

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Kazi ya matatu kama huna mtu wa kukuonesha ropes achana nayo.

If your bad loan is less than Kes. 2m, clear your name from CRB AND BORROW up to 4 times your deposit. i.e. if you buy a 50x100 for 4m and have 6m, borrow 24m to build a flat for 30m in Mwiki.

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Actually, my bad load was less than 300K, but it could be more after 7yrs’ interest. Seems like a good idea. A 30m flat in mwiki would fetch how much, and how much would go to repaying the loan?

Nunua apartment tatu kutoka erdemann properties (moja ni 3.7m) balance enda Rwanda usafishe mecho na pia upatie mwili pole.

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looking at your responses…it seems you already made your mind

which bank gives you upto 4 times your deposit without security? I know KUSCCO you have to save for at least 6 months after which they can give you upto 4 times but using the land you buy as collateral. Na since we ni rafiki ya CRB, chances of you being auctioned in future are high

Depends on the size and finish detail you want. I currently have a 20 unit flat that brings in 300k a month. Wasn’t financed. Units are a bit larger in size than average ones in the area.

I’d advise you go for standard sized units and get at least 30 for a monthly income of 450k. A loan of Kes. 24m at 14% you need to pay the bank 400k pm for 10 years. This doesn’t factor in your capital appreciation on the property.

Banks fund 70 - 85% of construction loans with the entire project including the land as security.

can i start off a small sized flat with 2m (plot available?) then nimalize pole pole?

Invest in a business you know and understand, or give the money to someone trustworthy with a proven track record to invest for you and give you depressed returns. Don’t risk 12 million in the multibets people are yapping about here. Respect the money and it will respect you.[/S]

A decent bedsitter is approximately 30sqm. @ 20k/sqm you can build at least 20 bedsitters.Add fast Internet and dstv you have a solid revenue stream many years to come. if i had the money ningekua kwa site.

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