How to have your cake and eat it too

When am picking up women, when usually I land an 8, 9 or on those rare opportunities a 10, I always find that the lady is less likely to be submissive
or go the extra mile and satisfy me in bed, Then the 6’s and 7’s they worship me breakfast in bed, sex 7 times a day you name it she will treat me like a king.
Now the problem is that I like 8+ girls and I also like to be treated like a king I want my cake and eat it too.
I narrowed it to the following 3 scenarios for my possible utopia.

  1. Find a beautiful girl who, for some reason, is insecure or unaware of her value (she almost always is under 25).
  2. Find a beautiful girl who lives in a city that lacks good men while having a disproportionate amount of other beautiful women.
  3. Be a 10 guy who is higher value than just about everyone.

I will go for #2. The amount of bad boys and sponsors in Thika and Nairobi is stopping me from living my dream. I will go to a new city and if notice beautiful women with broke/ugly men that’s my place. I think Mombasa might be my utopia. Time to pack:cool:


Is that even possible? But coming from you, why not.

Tema jaba ukunywe maziwa

Madness starts with kicking the moon then this fantasies. Ulimaliza mechanical engineering?

Viagra manenos

This one can’t afford viagra

Hebu kunia ulale…shenji

This is a guy who did Engineering course part-time at UoN, unafikiri hii itamshinda?

Wueh! All this effort to get laid :D:D:D

How about working on yourself and being a Ben 10/10. Let the ladies gravitate to you instead of hunting them.

This has poisoned so many men and sent them to the grave. Sex is a game of the mind, avoid unnecessary drugs

Hawasikii, just eat healthy and you are good to go

Thermal image nugu hii

Emphasis on MECHANIC

then flee towards the necessary ones?

Mboss ktalk birioneas tunacheza hata 10 shots

:smiley: From earth standpoint?

You’ll be highly disappointed


Looking for the "holy grail"of women. Yeah start your search in Mtwapa since Nairobi and Thika is too hard.
From your definition of Holy grail:
under 25
sex 7 times a day
a 9 or a 10 on the beauty scale
feed you breakfast in bed


Self esteem issues everywhere.

Lol. Yaani someone studies how to get laid like a fucking science theory. It’s safe to say that you don’t get laid much son.