How to get away with murder

The reason why murders go awry is because people do it when they are emotionally charged. Emotions make you irrational, blind side you, and drive you into crafting harebrained ideas. If you want to kill someone and get away with it, the first step is to be cool, calm and collected. The second step is PR, the optics have to look good. This was not the time for Sarah was to push the old man down the stairs! This was the time she was supposed to be giving Cohen blow jobs na mkia, this was the time she was to present herself as a dutiful and loving wife.

Third, you should work with professionals, it might cost you a fortune but it will save your ass – do your remember the murder of George Muchai, the Kabete MP Waititu replaced? A seasoned shooter put a bullet into everyone in the car, including cops, and then disappeared into the night. That’s how a professional murder should look like; clean, fast and efficient. If your have to figure out how to dispose the body then you’re doing it all wrong.

Locards principle motherfuckerrrrr, no such thing as a perfect crime

If you take out emotions, the reason to kill goes away.
Best you can say is to hire someone for the job. One cannot pull it off themselves.
For the record killing someone consciously isn’t an easy task, you have to be really damaged to do it.

True, emotion often clouds reason.
The one who raises his fist first in reality is the one who ran out of ideas

You have been told the Muchai shooter got away.
The arrested suspects were all victims of circumstances and being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Then the fault lies in either the investigators, infrastructure and/or the state’s policies

What are the circumstances that can warrant one to take another one’s life?

Mental instability,remember the nurse whose head was split by an insane armed army officer,

Extreme rage that drives you towards finishing off someone.ndio maana inasemekana mtu anafaa achunge kila anachoongea there are fucked up people who can kill you over stupid things

You’re running and you’re running but you can’t run away from yourself can’t run away from yourself

I’m not a good person and I have never even thought along these lines. I think it would be too much emotional baggage for me to handle. Wacha ikae.

i agree 99% with 1% disagreeing in case of any error. but this is true. to sit and think and act on it is maniffest madness.

and OP, you forgot DNA. do not leave your dna behind. cut your hair, do not pespirate, usitoe makamasi na usiteme.

No body. No witnesses. No motive. No murder weapon.

The best way to kill someone is to fake a suicide. If Cohen had been found hanging from a mango tree in the garden, nobody would have questioned his death much.

Hahaha! Nyinyi machizi kweli. Yani mko hapa mnaongea vile mtu anafaa kuua mwenzake bila ya kupatikana?.

:D:D ugonjwa akilini hawa