am not happy at all with my body structure, how do i increase my mass ? which food to eat

saidieni manki

kwenda Leta tips Kwanza…

Carbohydrates and lots of proteins. Also check your activity against food consumption. You may prefer taking elevators, reduce walking distances, … Overall your consumption should be more than your activity. And when you get those diseases of the fatties do not cry about it.

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First identify your body type.


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Si unajua mafuta ile ya kimbo ama Kasuku, solid? Baas, akikisha kila asubuhi unaamkia vijiko tano.
Thank me tomorrow.


Most likely an ectomorph

hehe ,

On a better note though @MANKI lift heavy weights, increase protein and carbohydrate intake and you will gain a good looking body without the risks of overweight. It will take dedication and discipline, a lot of it.

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Do i need to abstain from sex also? i here it works

Mimi yangu ni mesomorph

Hell NO! If anything, the testosterone boost from sex is an added advantage. I didn’t even have to quit beers, since I was an ectomorph then. But you need 2-4 months to see eye turning results.


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Wekelea slip …yenye ina ‘akili’

Back in 2012 I went on a deliberate Ongeza Mwili Operation. I used to eat Pork fry and Chips every Friday and Sato na kuteremsha na beer. Six months later I was bursting!!!


Simple. Become a couch potato and eat a bag of chips every two days. Thank me later.

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kula mbolea… period

how old are you,what is your current weight,if you are past 20’s in term of years wacha ukae vile uko.Kutoa hizo kilo ni ngumu bwana

pika chakula yako na ile mafuta ya cowboy